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Temporary Sporting Event Structures

Steve Shoup

If your organisation regularly holds sporting events, you are well advised to partner with a company such as Smart Space for quality temporary sporting event structures. Such structures are easy to set up and do not cost nearly as much as permanent structures would cost.

Temporary structures are the best solution for the biggest sporting events including:

  •           Motorsport
  •           Tennis
  •           Golf
  •           Football
  •           Rugby
  •           Horse racing and equestrian events
  •           Mass participation events
  •           Athletics

In other words, any sporting event would go down well with temporary sporting event structures.

Modular structures are able to support any facility needed including shower rooms as well as changing rooms. Smart Space provides structures with professionally done high-profile installations that have proven to be popular with institutions and organisations as well.

Creation of Space

Sports enthusiasts want a nice space such as that provided by Smart Space UK temporary structures to be able to enjoy their favourite sports and cheer for their teams. Most importantly, they want to have a great view. There is nothing as frustrating as spending a significant amount of cash to watch your favourite team live then not being to see much of the action.

Space is must be created outside because it may be chaotic having the event in the outdoors and pricey moving it indoors.  This is where temporary structures come in. A temporary tent structure would be the perfect solution.

Sports arenas are not always utilised enough to cover the costs incurred while building them. Maintaining them is no cheap affair either. Therefore, instead of running up huge bills planning and building expensive arenas, why not opt for temporary sporting structures?

Indoor Sporting Events

Most indoor sports require some degree of warmth. Imagine holding a swimming event in winter, for instance. The swimming pool may be frozen over and while a heated pool may be the perfect solution, getting out of the warm water into freezing temperatures is not going to work out too well.

Then there is the issue of spectators. They will not want to hang around outside around a pool shivering in their winter coats. With a temporary tent structure, you can hold a fun swimming event where both the participants and spectators will be comfortable.

Other indoor sporting events that would benefit from temporary sporting structures include gymnastics and ice hockey.

Gymnastics involve elements such as floor exercise, uneven bars, balance beam and the vault. The flooring must be completely level and it would be difficult to achieve a 100% accuracy in performance if the gymnastic events were to be performed outdoors. While it is popular sport, it is not successful enough to have its own facility. Temporary structures would be a perfect solution here.

Ice hockey rinks must be chilled to maintain the frozen field needed. A temporary tent structure build with the facilities needed to keep the temperatures needed for the rink to remain frozen would be a great help.

The option to hold your sporting event indoors can make your event successful while giving the participants and their fans a great space to have a great time. Furthermore, a temporary sporting event structure saves you a lot in terms of time and money.



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