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Four of the Best Christmas Gifts for Basketball Superfans

Steve Shoup

The holidays are right around the corner, and that means it is time for shopping. Making sure that everyone on your list gets a unique, special gift just for them is challenging at times. Everyone probably has at least one cherished memory of opening an incredibly thoughtful gift and has always wanted to give someone else the same memory. If you want to do this for a basketball superfan in your life, keep reading to discover four unforgettable gifts that you might consider this holiday season.


  1. Table Top Basketball Game


Technology pretty much rules the modern world, and it is probably quite high up on people’s wish list. Instead of going with the expected, go old school and get your family member or friend a tabletop basketball game to catch them off guard. Their memory is sure to come alive as they reminisce about past paper ball games during fifth period, and they will be begging you to play with them as soon as possible.


There are a few different versions of the game, so you can pick the one you think your fan will like the best. They can easily be found online for under thirty dollars, and they do not require batteries, or charging, or electricity for that matter. It is the perfect gift to inspire some competitive bonding-time between friends or family.


  1. Indoor Basketball Arcade Game


Want to stay in the hands-on, interactive realm, but go a little bigger than a table sized game? How about one of those arcade basketball games, for their house? Sound too good to be true? It isn’t! You can go way out of the box and get your NBA fan a hoop game that will fit in their living room.


This gift is great for those who don’t have the outdoor space to shoot hoops, and it’s also great as a year-round option. An indoor arcade game gives the superfan in your life a way to practice their jump shots from the comfort of their home. It also gives you both something fun to do while spending time together.



  1. The Ring


Now you might be thinking there must have been a mistake. A ring? Yes, a ring, but not one promising love and devotion or anything. This ring is the ring commemorating your basketball fan’s favorite team, player, or maybe even a team they played for.


Determine what would mean the most to them and then put it into ring-form. If you want team sports rings, you can look online and find any team in the NBA, or maybe even a championship replica ring. You can also visit your local jeweler to see if they can customize a ring to your specifications.


Regardless of the specific significance, your gift opener will be ecstatic. They will have something to remind them of their passion close on hand.


  1. Tickets


Maybe you want to splurge, or maybe you find a great deal online. No matter the reason, tickets to a basketball game are sure to get your fan excited. What could be more exhilarating than being in the stands as you watch your team play live? Not watching it at home, that’s for sure. If you bring your basketball expert to a game, they will never forget your generosity and thoughtfulness.


Instead of a material thing, you will be gifting an experience. And it won’t be just any experience, but one you get to share with the person you are taking. Don’t forget to cheer super loud!




Picking out the right gifts for the people you care about can be a difficult task. You might be torn between getting them a game that can bring them joy for a long time, an experience they will never forget, or a cherished memento. To help you decide, pay attention to what they talk about and seem to value the most. Also, remember that they will definitely be happy with whatever you decide to get them. After all, it is the thought that counts.



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