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A Fresh Look At An Ancient Issue: If Gambling Is So Bad, Why Do People Do It?

Steve Shoup

It’s not. Like everything else, gambling, despite its reputation is not as bad as you think it is. The belief that it is a negative pursuit only reinforces the fascinating aspects of gambling and wagering.


The fact is, gambling is a necessity of life, as much as every other need enumerated in Abraham Maslow’s Hierarchy of Needs. To some, it is but a tool, in learning or strategizing that leaves behind a whole world of life and business lessons. To others, it is a form of entertainment – a thrill-inducing activity to be enjoyed and appreciated. Power players see it as an economic booster that creates tax revenues and jobs, while a few others call it an industry “cannibal” and an addiction. Whatever it is, one thing is clear: People will always find ways – even if they have to go through policy gaps and off-the-grid underground arcades – in order to gamble.


In Indonesia where there are no casinos or other official establishments to gamble at, online gambling and sports betting sites the like of sbobet88 and indosbobet178 is a thing. You can say it’s flourishing – especially those gambling sites that come with good promotional offers.


Benefits of online gambling


Even if casinos aren’t, online gambling sites are here to stay. In any case, it might be best to see how they work and how they could be beneficial, instead of constantly denigrating the industry that seems to offer more benefits than drawbacks.


  1. It comes with numerous financial benefits.


Above all the benefits that gambling, online or otherwise, may offer, money is and will always at the forefront of the temptation to gamble. It doesn’t matter whether you win or lose while gambling, but it matters when it keeps the money rolling.


Aside from the obvious revenues and income generated by gambling dens in general, believe it or not, online casinos do have monetary benefits. Not only does it help avoid spending for transportation and accommodation costs that come with the brick-and-mortar casinos, but online casinos also offer free games and welcome bonuses in addition to loyalty points – that can be used to buy credits or win rewards.  The registration and playing charges are minimal which eliminates the risk of overspending on the family budget. Gambling also helps teach financial management, with all the bankrolling it necessitates.


  1. It is good for health.


Growing old usually leads to less use of the brain and increased senility. But with gambling, you can engage in communication and keep your mind healthy and youthful. Studies have revealed that certain online games like poker and blackjack lubricate, exercise, and strengthen certain parts of the brain. The games apparently require the use of short-term memory which is very important in the fight to stave off senility.


If you have ever played blackjack, you’ll see it’s not about getting the best hand, but in trying to get the dealer to bust, which takes a good knowledge of the odds and incredible memorization.


  1. It comes with numerous social benefits.


Online betting provides ample family time. Rather than spending time out with friends, playing online keeps a man at home with his family. With the earnings from winning online bets, the need to indulge in crime for money is also reduced. As more people indulge in online gambling, there are less idle (yet dangerous) minds thinking of taking part in crimes like drug trafficking and drug use, and robberies.


Lastly, online gambling provides a productive way of entertainment.


What’s more, a number of the best online gambling sites like sbobet88 encourage worldwide equality by accepting registrations of any type – transcending gender, age and race – and offering the same promotions and access to their range of games.



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