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Dallas Cowboys and Winstar World Casino

Steve Shoup


The Dallas Cowboys and Winstar World Casino and Resort announced a collaboration together in September that is the first of its kind in the NFL world. This is due to the NFL allowing casinos to sponsor NFL teams for the first time. The new rules were put into place in August 2018 and the Cowboys didn’t wait to take advantage of it by grabbing hold of one of the biggest and best names in the US casino industry.


The Dallas Cowboys are the most valuable sports team in the world today. The Cowboys brand almost transcends football, in fact their brand is so successful that they managed to become the first NFL team to be valued at over $5 billion even though they haven’t won a Superbowl since 1995! Even with almost 25 years of no Superbowl wins they have still managed to remain the most valuable NFL for 12 years in a row!


Winstar World Casino and Resort is one of the biggest casinos in the world, and the biggest casino in the USA. With over 1,000 hotel rooms, over 7,000 electronic and video games and almost 100 tables on the casino floor it offers an incredible casino experience in addition to a luxurious hotel. Winstar Online Casino, which is currently only available to UK players is currently not a part of the deal.


The link up between the two entities makes a lot of sense, as the Cowboys are the most financially strong and stable team in the NFL and Winstar is the biggest casino in the USA it is a link up of two of the biggest names in their respective fields. The Dallas Cowboys owner Jerry Jones said as much when announcing the deal to the world, “The Dallas Cowboys take great pride in aligning themselves with the best brands in the world. It is a privilege to stand shoulder to shoulder as partners with such a prominent entertainment brand like WinStar World Casino.”


The full details of the deal haven’t been announced yet, but what has been announced could see an increase in revenue and prestige for both the Cowboys and Winstar. With the potential increases in revenue to the NFL thought to be $2.3 billion after allowing link ups with casinos, the Cowboys have the opportunity to significantly increase their revenue over other teams in the league. This could help their quest for glory over the coming seasons.


The details that have been announced show that the Cowboys will be using the Winstar resort for a number of functions over the course of the partnership. This will inevitably increase the profitability of the casino during the time that the Cowboys are using their facilities. Winstar will also be allowed to use Dallas Cowboys branding on their promotions and even on some of their games. There could also be the possibility of Cowboys merchandise being included in the Casino gift shop, which would help to increase revenue and exposure for the Cowboys. While the final details are still to be announced it’s safe to assume that this partnership could be the first step in the Cowboys extending their lead as the most valuable NFL team.


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