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Top 5 Pokemon games

Steve Shoup

One of the top names in the gaming world is Pokemon. It is easy to feel a sense of déjà vu on the mention of the name Pokemon if you were born somewhere from the 1990s. The game involved training and battling your Pokemon. You would then go further to beat up gym leaders and other trainers, and of course you could not forget to catch them all. Pokemon has remained to be an incredibly popular franchise since they released their first Game in the late 1990s. Let’s look at some of the most prevalent games that have managed to keep Pokemon on the lips of many.


  1. Pokemon Red Version

Pokemon Red version is a Generation 1 product. This game was released in the 90s and was received into the pop culture with sheer enthusiasm. All the kids were talking about why their favorite of the pocket monsters was way cooler than anyone else. It saw most of the kids ran home after school to continue with their quest. The red version was closely followed by the Blue and Yellow version of the Generation one games by Pokemon.


  1. Pokemon Gold Version

Generation 2 saw the birth of Pokemon gold version which was followed closely by the silver and crystal version. The release of Pokemon Gold Version only worked on making the series even bigger. The Pokemon franchise had taken every good thing from generation 1 to build a flawless and magnificent game. They created a whole new and different world to experience, new moves and more than a 100 new Pokemon to crush. While there were those who still found the original to be stronger, there was no doubt about the incredible improvements on the Gold version.

In 2002 there was the rise of the Generation 3 games. These games included Ruby, Sapphire, and emerald. The games featured new game, new features, new Pokemon to gush upon and of course the new shiny system. Let’s look at some of the Generation 3 games that will have you “pokemoned.”


  1. Pokemon Ruby Version

One of the most sought-after game is the Pokemon ruby game. The story features two gangs Team Aqua and Team Magma who do not see eye to eye. It includes an area called the sky tower which reaches far and above the Hoenn region into the air region where the legendary Pokemon Rayquaza is said to live. It features some impressive additions such as better graphics as well as a batch of Pokemon’s for you to meet and capture. You will also love the double battle game mechanic which allows you to fight two on 2 Pokemon matches.


  1. Pokemon Sapphire Version

On this quest, players go through Hoenn region whereby the train, trade an battle with a new set of over 100 Pokemon. It features improved graphics for a much more exciting and engaging quest. Just like Ruby, Sapphire also features a two on two battle plan with an elevated level of strategy. Even when playing alone you can battle and defeat two Pokemon simultaneously.


  1. Pokemon Emerald version

Another bestselling game is the Pokemon Emerald version which gives you an opportunity to journey into a new world and to capture Pokemon. What you need to do is become the best trainer which will earn you badges, join the battle and finally you will need to put the legendary dragon named Rayquaza in its place. This version which is almost an identical sister to Sapphire and Ruby comes with new and improved features for your enjoyment.




From the above list of the top 5 Pokemon games then it’s safe to say that Pokemon continues to play a major part in the gaming industry. They have some of the best and fun games which are not only interesting but also challenging.



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