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Brief overview of education types

Steve Shoup

Education is the one of the most valuable thing and now the life is. So as that without any educational thing cannot find well paid job and if needed to get job according to be the best cause getting job which is not so easy actually. Actually people with higher qualifications are more valuable and then needed. Younger and younger children are learning information science and more than one foreign language.

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What is UK education system?

Education system in the UK which is divided into four main sections, primary education, secondary education, further education and higher education. So as that children in UK have to legally attend primary and secondary education which actually runs from the five years old and it is till the student age of sixteen years old.

  • Community schools actually controlled by local council and not influenced by whole business religious groups amazingly.
  • Foundation schools and voluntary schools have more freedom to change the way they do things and then community schools.
  • Academies run by governing body and independent institutes from local council they can follow different curriculum and circumstances.
  • Grammar schools actually run by the council and also foundation body or trust they select all or most of their students on academic ability.

Brief history of peace education

Peace education start with the enlightenment philosophers enlighten philosophers helped and usher in the new era of democratic government effectively brought humanity. It is fact philosophers actually not refer to their work peace education and did to emphasize similar theme. On the other hand study of war and military strategy dates back for millennia.

US education structure

Education in US follows the important pattern and they concern to that in many systems and as group of systems. Early childhood education is followed by primary school, middle school, secondary school and in the United States. The postsecondary education includes and non degree programs and lead to certificates and diplomas plus six degree levels and associate bachelor and professional, master, advanced intermediate and research doctorate. Adult and continuing education plus special education cut across and all educational levels.

Australian education system


School education is similar across all of the Australia and only minor variations between states and territories school education which is compulsory between ages of six and sixteen and school education is thirteen years and divided. Primary school, secondary school and senior secondary school are main pillar of educational system.

In tertiary education Australia education includes both higher education and vocational training with education.

Education of Language of instructions

English is the main official language of Australia and the main language of details in whole education system. Lots of schools and offer bilingual programs or programs are in other languages and training determinations.  Institutions are linked across the country and across the world and makes easy to move throughout education system between courses or institutions and formal agreement and recognition.



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