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Best Ways to Deposit Money on Casino and Betting

Steve Shoup

If you want to spend money with an online casino or betting site, then you will have to make a deposit. On the average site, there are quite a few different payment methods that you can use. Here’s a rundown of all the different payment methods you could be using.


This payment method is a staple for many players, though not every casino site accepts it as of yet. The premise is that players can buy a voucher in cash at a store and then they can go ahead and redeem it online. This allows the user to keep their details entirely offline should they choose and even pay in cash if they would prefer.

This is a super secure way to play, as you’re not transmitting your data or allowing for it to be stored on a site. It’s important to note that players can’t withdraw using this payment method, so you would be forced to use another one to do so.


One of the most popular ways to deposit and withdraw online is PayPal. This is a simple and speedy way to be able to move cash around, without having to share your payment details directly. By sharing your details with PayPal, you don’t need to share them straight away with the site.

This helps to prevent fraud, as you’re not sharing your details with a range of different sites. This is also good for the merchant, at Lucky Admiral they give a generous welcome bonus to pay with PayPal as they want their players to remain secure. Sites that accept this payment method are springing up everywhere, as it’s quite popular with players. It can make the payment process faster and players usually don’t have to pay any fees.

Pay by Mobile

This is another way that payment providers have been attempting to improve the player experience. Using this payment method, players can go ahead and add the value of their deposit to their overall phone bill. This is a great way to make the process seamless for players, as they’re able to use their phone to make the transaction.

It is an easy way to pay, but again there’s no option for players to withdraw. This means that players may have to use a service like PayPal as well as the mobile phone payment. These payments are also capped, so players will be limited as to how much they can spend. Some sites also add fees to these transactions too.


This is an emerging market in payments, as some tech savvy players want to start using it more often. Some niche casino sites have begun to accept these payments, but more should be joining in on this action soon. There is quite a lot of learning for players to do if they’re not accustomed to this payment method, so it doesn’t have a lot of mainstream appeal yet.

These payment methods can be useful for anyone that wants to bet online, so use whichever one suits you.



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