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Staying Smartphone Fit

Steve Shoup

We have come to rely on our smartphones for so many different things. Not only do we carry out those daily tasks that would have eaten into our day in a few seconds, like banking or booking a table at our favourite restaurant but we also look to our portable computers to source our entertainment like playing a game at the online bingo site Swanky Bingo where you can pick up one of your favourite games and catch up with family and friends whenever and wherever you happen to be.

In fact, increasing numbers of us are using our mobiles to do those things we enjoy without the hassle of having to visit a venue at all, and that includes keeping fit.

There is no denying that we love our apps and as the hotter weather takes over many of us look to shedding some of those surplus pounds gained over the winter months.

Now, thanks to the wonderful technology that is housed in our smartphones losing those extra pounds is made a whole lot easier as you can now log and track your goals and progress simply.

For instance, Couch to 5k is for those out there that have never run in their lives as it will guide you from running for a mere 30 seconds right up to 5K. Sure progress might be slow but as you add a little more each time this will build up the stamina you will need to be running for longer periods of time.

We all know that keeping ourselves supple is really important as once those tendons begin to shorten then all sorts of aches and pains will incur. Yoga Studio is one of the oldest and best ways of ensuring that your body is kept limber.

Strava is used by runners, walkers and those that cycle as it is one of the most accurate activitiy trackers you can get. This app is ideal for those that are serious about logging and keeping track of their mileage.

If you are looking for a one stop shop that can be used to log and also track all of your macros the My Fitness Pal is the best calorie tracker to have. This perfect app will tell you what is in your food, how much of it you can eat and it also has a thriving community where you can follow other likeminded people and share ideas and successes.



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