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Introducing TicketScore

Steve Shoup

ABOUT US:  www.ticketscore.com


TicketScore Inc was formed with one mission in mind; to give the true fans of the 4 major sports teams a chance to see their team compete in the ultimate Championship.  As fans ourselves we thought is would be nearly impossible for the average fan to obtain the rising costs of a Super Bowl, MLB World Series, NHL Stanley Cup Finals, or a Final 4, and that is why we created TicketScore.  We offer 100% guaranteed authentic tickets through our recognized partners.


How IT Works:

It’s as simple as picking your sport, and your team, and paying the weekly option price, and if your team makes the Ultimate Championship game you get tickets free and clear.  There are no added costs or expenses.  We also allow you the unique opportunity to sell your option to another member through our trading portal, or if you choose just cancel it, and owe nothing more.


Our Guarantee:  We have formed relationships with some of the largest Ticket agencies in the world, and guarantee electronic delivery within 48-72 prior to your event.



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