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Patriots Have the Strength to Bounce Back From Super Bowl Defeat

Steve Shoup

The New England Patriots are always one of the most talked about teams in the NFL, and they have been for a number of years. Whether they are being praised for their good performances or criticized when things go wrong, there is always a story with the Patriots. The story this summer is about them bouncing back; they lost the Super Bowl last season when they were strong favorites to win it – can they bounce back and challenge in the upcoming season?

For many years, despite winning five Super Bowl titles, the Patriots have very rarely had the best and most complete team in the NFL. However, what they do have is the will to win, and a winning mentality that few others can compete with. That has won them games and championships in the past, and they will be looking to use that to their advantage once more.

The main reason that the Patriots have their winning mentality installed into the franchise is Tom Brady. He is one of the greatest quarterbacks of all time, and players actually want to do their best and play for him, as well as playing for the franchise, of course. Brady demands respect and gets it due to his talent and longevity in the game, and that makes those around him step up to the plate.

The number of times we have seen players come to New England and put up numbers that far exceeded the expectations on them is great, with Chris Hogan being a recent typical example of someone who has done that. His numbers so far in New England have far exceeded those he put up in Buffalo, and he was an unlikely hero on the Patriots’ playoff run back in 2017 when they lifted the Lombardi Trophy.

The bookmakers expect the Patriots to challenge once more and they have priced them up accordingly. The latest NFL betting has them at +500 favorites to lift the Lombardi Trophy, showing the bookmakers clearly think that Brady can get his team to bounce back. In the past, we have seen them win well, and build up team confidence and morale, something they would love to do early in the season to show they are not feeling the effects of their 2018 Super Bowl loss.

Going into the new season, unless big changes are made with the roster, the Patriots will again go into it not having the best team in the league. However, they do have a winning mentality that can carry them through. The first few weeks of the season are going to be important for them, to get wins on the board and get some momentum going. Should they do that, there is every chance that they can go on another deep playoff run and challenge for the title once more. With Tom Brady in the team, he can carry them a long way, and help those around him step up and play better than expected.



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