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Will Paul George leave OKC for the Lakers?

Steve Shoup

The rumor is that Paul George is now a free agent. This isn’t surprising; the rumors have been circulating all season. But, the question is whether he’ll stay with Oklahoma City, head to the Lakers or take another option.

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He has said he’ll make a decision this summer although he also says he would love to stay with OKC.

The Facts

This professional basketball player is a 5 time NBA ALL-Star. He has also been named the ALL-NBA team and NBA All-Defensive team three times!

At 6ft 9 inches he can practically hold the net without jumping. His first draft was in 2010when he was the 10th overall pick and he earned the title of NBA All-Rookie Second Team. In 2013 he was named the NBA Most Improved Player.

His career took a knock when he broke his leg in 2014; knocking him out for most of the season. But, he returned stronger than ever and became an ALL-Star again in 2016.

H<e is definitely one of the most talked about free agents this year, along with Lebron James.

Staying With OKC

The buzz is that George is very happy at OKC. The team has been playing well despite a first round playoff exit. Alongside this the fans seem to be happy and the atmosphere in the team is good.

But, Paul George has just had knee surgery and will take as long as 8 weeks to recover. Will OKC be prepared to wait while he recovers?

There is no doubt that OKC have a lot to offer but no deal has been sorted yet.

The Lakers

The other main contender is The Lakers. They could take George, Lebron and Kawhi to create a virtually unstoppable team.

George was born in California so may be tempted to return to his home state and take the opportunity the Lakers are offering. The rumors certainly suggest that his wife and parents would be happy for him to make the move.

But, OKC is apparently ready to put everything they have into keeping George. That will be a difficult deal to walk away from.

The question is how much do the Lakers want him and what will they be prepared to offer? The stakes are surprisingly high. In fact it is likely that the Lakers will struggle to sign Lebron if they don’t first take George.

Perhaps this means that the Lakers have more to lose than George; giving him the advantage as he attempts to make his decision.

The fact is that no one knows what he will do yet, but providing he continues the form he is currently showing then both these teams will be eager to recruit him. He’ll remain one of the best players in the NBA.



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