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Guide To Pass LPI Linux Essentials 010-150 Exam

Steve Shoup

Linux 010-150 exam is designed to test particular skills of IT professionals that whether they can understand, create, edit, and manage different distributions of Linux or not. After passing Linux 010-150 exam, you’d be recognized as a junior network administrator, web administrator, Junior Linux administrator, or Linux database administrator.

You’d have to pass LPI 010-150 exam if you want to become a Linux essentials certified professional. So, before taking the exam, you must properly learn to understand, create, edit, and manage the different distributions of Linux otherwise, you’d find yourself in a great trouble during the exam.

The good thing about this exam is that anybody can participate in this exam as there are no degrees required. However, after passing this exam, you’d definitely become a valuable person in the IT industry. The best part is that it is the lifetime certification which means that you won’t have to retake the exam in future.

So, proper preparation is really important as it will play an important role in starting your career in the networking field. So, let’s take a look at some details of this exam so that you can pass the exam with some good score.

Reasons to become a Linux certified professional

The first and the most important benefit of this certification is that it will help you find a very high paying job in the IT industry. But let’s not talk about the income only because there are many other benefits of this certification. The main thing about this certification is that it will provide you a number of career options in future where you can enhance your skills.

Similarly, it will help you understand the most complicated networks that are being used all around the world. And the most important of all, the analysts have predicted that there will be numerous job opportunities available for the Linux certified professionals in the future. So, make sure that you become a part of this industry before it gets too late.

Exam details

Those who have properly practiced different models would easily be able to pass the exam. The exam contains around 60 questions that are supposed to be answered within 60 minutes. The performance-based and multiple choice both types of questions are included in the exam because the examiners want to test your skills deeply. Therefore, you should come prepared to attend all the questions in the required time.

In order to pass the Linux 010-150 exam, every candidate must score at least 500 marks out of 800. Otherwise, they’d have to retake the exam.

How to pass Linux 010-150 exam?

I think it is the most important questions that may appear in your mind. So, if you want to pass the exam at the first attempt, the regular practice is the key to making it possible. You must practice your knowledge as much as you can. The mistake that many people make is that they only learn the commands and do not focus on the details.

My recommendations are that you should try to understand different scenarios where these commands are supposed to be used. Thus, you won’t get confused while taking the exam. Commands, security, and file permissions are the most important topics that one must focus on while preparing for the exam.

If you want to score higher marks in the exam, you should create different scenarios on your own and then try to understand them. Thus, you’d be able to solve different problems in a quick manner. And you’d finally score higher marks in the exam.

Training courses

There are lots of platforms where you can find the training courses for Linux 010-150 exam. But my recommendations are that you must choose the Linux Academy for training courses because there are many expert instructors on this platform. And you can also visit their forum to get in touch with the experts.

My personal experience

My personal experience for https://www.examcollection.com/010-150.html was amazing because I successfully passed the exam at my first attempt. And the best part is that I scored 700 marks in this exam. So, it was a really great achievement for me. Well, it didn’t happen overnight and there was a lot of effort that I made in order to pass this exam.

From day one, I was taught that practice is the most important element for passing the exam. So, I created several problems and then tried to solve them on my own. I practiced a lot that the time came when I had lots of solutions available at my fingertips. So, this is what helped me pass the exam on the firsttry. If you also want to make it happen, then follow the instructions that I have mentioned above.

Let’s talk about dumps

The information about IT exams is incomplete if we do not talk about the dumps. So, let’s discuss the importance of dumps for Linux 010-150. Well, my experience says that no matter how much efforts you have made to prepare for the exam, you should still take a look at the dumps because dumps play the role of that last step that helps you achieve the success properly. So, you should get the dumps from some authentic resources before participating in the exam.


The importance of Linux 010-150 is now visible to everyone. And the tips about passing the exam are also shared in a detailed way. We hope that you won’t face any kind of problem anymore. However, if you still have some problems, just send us a message and we’d get in touch with you to provide you the most suitable solution to your problem.



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