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Great Workouts for Athletes and Non-Athletes That Don’t Feel Like Traditional Exercise

Steve Shoup

It really doesn’t matter if you consider yourself an athlete or not. Typically, taking part in your sport of choice also involves working out in order to build muscle, endurance, speed, and agility. Working out can provide incredible results, but at the same time, it can start to feel repetitive when you’re doing the same cycle of exercises at the gym or at home.

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In order to shake things up a little and add a little spice to your exercise routine, here’s a look at three great workouts that will help to keep you fit and in shape, but that doesn’t feel like your typical workout. What’s even better is that people of any skill level and interest can take part in these workouts.

Roller Skate Away Those Pesky Pounds

For those who want to be able to enjoy a workout that is filled with fun, it’s hard to beat what roller skating can offer. Roller skating is able to provide all kinds of health benefits, such as the fact it is great for calorie burning. For an average adult male who weighs 190 pounds, you will be able to burn approximately 10 calories every minute you spend roller skating; women are only slightly lower with nine calories per minute for a woman who was 163 pounds.

Additionally, it is a wonderful leg and arm workout since it’s working your glutes in a big way, and your arms are helping to keep you balanced. Roller skating can be classed as a cross-training exercise since it is comparable to jogging in terms of the benefits.

Now, if you are going to give roller skating a try, you’ll want to be sure you pick up a pair of good quality roller skates that are fitted properly. Riedell Roller Skates have long since been a popular brand thanks to their high-quality and comfortable construction. A helmet, knee pads, and wrist pads are also wise.

Dance Your Way to Health

If you’ve ever watched one of those celebrity dancing shows on TV then you can see first-hand what dancing does to the body as you take a look at the celebrities before training, and then after the competition. While dancing is a fun activity, it’s also an intense workout. In general, dancing can burn about 300 calories per half hour, which is again equivalent to jogging. If the dance you are doing is on the tamer side of things, it still works out to be the same intensity and results as cycling.

One of the great things about dancing is the fact that your body is constantly moving in so many different directions at once. Not only that but your entire body is involved, so you are working all your muscle groups. There’s also the fact there is a lot of stopping and starting, which exerts a lot of energy.

Don’t Get Caught Up in a Routine

Shaking up your workout routine is a great way to challenge your body and your mind, making sure you don’t start to feel bored and turned off working out.



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