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Top 3 Best Bar Games for Your Home

Steve Shoup

If you spend more time throwing down challenges at your local bar than you do at home, it might be time for a change. No, we’re not suggesting you give up the habit. We all know bar games are addictive. They’re also great for sharing with friends. When hanging out with pals, there’s nothing better than a cold beer and an epic foosball, pool or darts battle.


Fortunately, you can get almost every popular bar game (including slot machines and basketball ‘pop a shot’ games) in a home friendly version. So, you can have fun, fight for the crown and save yourself some cash by staying in. Just invite the guys around, whip out your newest toy
and let battle commence.


This article explores some of the best bar games to play at home. They’re pretty epic, so get ready for a showdown!

The Foosball Table

We’ll start with the classic. No bar game enthusiast is complete without a home foosball table. These devices are relatively large. So, they make an excellent centerpiece for a dedicated games room. They can be quite pricey, but there are lower range products for those on a budget.


We recommend opting for, at least, a midrange table as the felt cover, painted surfaces, and rotating mechanisms will last longer. Check out a detailed buying guide at https://getfoosball.com/. If you want to play regular games with friends, consider a sturdy standalone table, with grippy feet that keep it from sliding when in use.

The Poker Set

Poker is another classic pub game, though it is played at home just as often these days. You don’t need expensive toys to enjoy it. However, there’s something wonderful about having a luxury collection to show off when friends come round.


Ideally, you want a poker set that makes you forget you’re not at the casino. So, opt for a board with a plush felt cover. The chips should be made of high-quality plastic that resists snapping even if games get heated. Many of the best poker sets are foldable. It’s a great feature because you can slide the entire board and all its pieces neatly into a cupboard.

The Dartboard

If you fancy yourself as more of a darts champion, you could splash out on a beautiful board for your home games room. The best thing about darts is that it tends to be an inexpensive game. You can get pricey, luxury sets, but they’re not necessarily any better than budget ones.


We do make an exception when it comes to electronic dartboards. If you pay a little more for one of these products, you can get away with playing the game almost anywhere. Electronic boards use soft tip darts, so there is no chance of damaging the walls. They also add the scores up for you. It’s more useful than it sounds after a beer or three.

Why Classic Bar Games Are So Addictive

There’s something special about the classic bar game. It speaks of friendship, healthy competition and fun times that may just become treasured memories. It makes perfect sense that so many people want to recreate the experience at home.


The next time your pals want to head downtown and shoot some shots, you can tell them everything they need is ready and waiting (without the stale bar snacks, rising drink prices, and questionable bathrooms).



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