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Casinos are making money from esports

Steve Shoup

Esports are a new way to bet on the most popular videos games. Basically, when there are a lot of competitions, some are bigger while other are smaller, and there is always the possibility to bet on a certain team that you think will win the competition or the match. There are a lot of video games available, so esports are only a way for you have even more fun with them. The gathering of video games and gambling has been very successful, especially because of the huge number of people who bet on them.

Robert Rippee, the director of the Hospitality Lab at UNLV’s International Gaming Institute, says that casinos should be open to trying new things. This is essential for being successful, particularly in this industry. Esports are the future and should be an addition to any casino, because the slots revenue has been declining since 2008, according to the Nevada Gaming Control Board and also the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority. The most played casino game (slots) are now becoming obsolete. Players want something new, and that’s where esports come in. The co-founder and CEO of GameCo, Graboyes, has affirmed that the Strip property in LV has reduced the slots they had by 450 of them, in the past 10 years.

It’s not easy to change everything and the casino operator’s minds, especially when they have a successful business with them. However, there’s the need to understand that millennials are expecting more from casinos and that esports are a part of that generation. Rippe said very correctly that “we have an entire generation that, from first, second, third, fourth grade we have been teach them to game on computers”, so it’s only natural that these kids grow up to become gamers and there’s no doubt that millennials are obsessed with video games.

Mike Stewart said that older people prefer simpler games, such as bingo or slots, while younger ones prefer more complex games and they like to share their in-game achievements. He is the director of design at YWS Design & Architecture, which is behind many projects like Top Golf and Hakkasan, in Las Vegas.

Esports are booming at online casinos and are definitely a good bet for operators that want to be even more successful, especially with the adherence of everyone to them. There a lot of competitions occurring worldwide every month where it’s possible to bet and it’s a good way to have fun as well. Some of these competitions are only specific about a game like Call of Duty, but some include many more games, which can gather more people interested in betting.

This is an excellent opportunity to attract more players and more people to bet on a specific casino. Esports are becoming highly popular around the world, since there is an increasing interest on playing video games. There are even professionals when it comes to esports, so that is also very attractive to gamers who never made any money by playing a game. With the increase of esports competitions and esports possibilities to become a professional, it’s only very natural that players want to participate and to grow, to be professionals and to make a living doing what they absolutely love.

Esports will continue to grow and to conquer more casinos, where will be possible to bet on them. Gamers will be able to enjoy while watching the results of the competitions, and also they will be able to bet on them.



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