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4 Ways to Indulge Your Sports Obsession Online

Steve Shoup

You watch sports at home. You go to the stadium, coliseum, or arena to cheer for your team in person. You talk to your buddies about this season’s draft picks or the referee calls you disagreed with from the last game. You have several pieces of clothing with your team’s colors and some memorabilia in your man cave, and the waitresses at the sports bar know you by name. Still don’t have enough sports in your life? Here are some sports-themed online activities that will help you get your fill.

Web-Based Sports Games

You don’t need an expensive gaming console to play an exciting game featuring your favorite sport. Gamesgames.com offers hundreds of options you can play from the comfort of your chair. Choose soccer, football, basketball, baseball, golf, or even bowling or billiards. Play on your own or with a friend.

Another great site for online games is ESPN Arcade. It offers web-based games featuring any sport you can think of. This site lets you compete with other players, and the top-ranking player wins a virtual trophy.

Sports-Themed Slots

Online casino games allow you to combine your love of sports with games of chance and potentially win some cash. The sports-themed graphics are bright, colorful, and entertaining. Some games even make use of elements of the sport itself, such as the Virtual Cars or Virtual Motorcycle race games at Golden Nugget in NJ.

Sports Gaming Apps

Take the gaming excitement with you wherever you go when you download a sports-themed app for your smartphone. Tom’s Guide offers recommendations for the latest and greatest games such as Madden NFL Mobile, NBA 2K18, R.B.I. Baseball 17, and more. The best ones cost a few bucks, but they’re way cheaper than a season ticket.

Fantasy Football

Fantasy football has become such a popular phenomenon that you can get books on the subject explaining the process and offering expert tips to help you win. Here’s how they work in a nutshell:

  1. You can join a public fantasy football league or a private one formed among a group of friends or coworkers. Most play just for fun and bragging rights, but others play for some serious cash.
  2. Research available players, scout out your picks, and rank them according to your preference. You and your rivals then take turns drafting your team until the rosters are filled. Make sure you recruit players for all the right positions.
  3. Each week, as the real NFL games take place, you convert real players’ stats into fantasy points. If your team scores the most points, you win that round.
  4. Drop non-performing players on your team and replace them with free agents to improve your team. If a player is injured, he’ll need to be replaced. You can even trade players with other league members.
  5. Just as in real-life football, the best teams enter a playoff, and the best team wins.

Watching sports is always a blast, but getting in on the action yourself can be even better. These online sports-themed games let you participate, no matter your age or fitness level. Play ball!



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