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Where will Beckham Jr be next season?

Steve Shoup

Odell Beckham Jr is one of those NFL players who legitimately can be called a star. He is a player who people talk about, even if they don’t watch the NFL. He is a player whose name is recognized, whose personality is the talk of the town and who is known across the world even in countries without a big NFL loving population. He is also a player who everyone knows possesses exceptional talent. He is a player who can change games.


He is worth his weight in gold because of this, because of the fact that he can take a match and turn it on his head with his skill, power and footballing brain. He is loved in New York by many fans and they want him to be a part of the Giants team for a long time. He spent a good deal of time last season on the treatment table and they went 3-13, that shows just how big a deal Odell Beckham Jr is for the Giants. Without him they not the same team.


So he has star power, he has skill and he has many fans in love with him, what’s the problem? Well the problem, as it often is, is related to his pay packet and he is apparently not going to play for Giants without a new bumper contract to reflect just how big a star he is and how vital he is to the team.


This would throw the Giants plans into chaos and has gained a lot of people who bet on the NFL who saw the 5/1 odds of him to end up as the wide receiver with the most yards as an absolute steal. There are other great options, as SBAT football predictions note, alongside their excellent and wide ranging predictions about the upcoming 2018 NFL season, who are also a great value bet, like Mike Evans at 12/1. However if Beckham Jr lives up to his threat and doesn’t play then then the Giants will just not be the same team.


It also leads to another interesting question, where would he go if he was to leave the Giants. Which other teams would want him and where would he fit in. Unsurprisingly there are quite a few options for a player of his talent and tenacity to win. Despite being ranked bottom of the power rankings, there are some suggestions that the Browns could be a new home for Beckham Jr and that he could lead them from being one of the worst teams to one of the best.


The best fit though, it seems, would be the Los Angeles Rams, a team looking to make a big mark after their move to LA and a side who need a real superstar to move them forward and towards the latter end of the playoffs. They have a huge amount of space in their salary cap, which Beckham Jr would love, and they have reportedly already made an enquiry about Beckham Jr. If he does move the team who gets him will be getting one heck of a player.



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