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Reviewing the Early Odds for Super Bowl LIII

Steve Shoup

The NFL Draft might still be weeks away, but that hasn’t stopped the bookmakers from factoring in the early odds for next year’s Super Bowl. While it may not be surprising to see the Patriots as favourites once again, some of the odds might surprise you. For example, some bookies have put the 49ers on a level with a Vikings.

Below is a guide to some of the more interesting odds for Super Bowl LII. If you don’t see your favourite team and want the whole picture, including free bet opportunities, check out canadiansportsbetting, who provide the latest odds as well as tips and promos for NFL.

The hot favourites:

New England Patriots, 5/1.

Is it too premature to put New England way out on their own so soon? Bookmakers (and fans of opposing teams) have been burnt before by concluding that the Brady/Belichick era of dominance might be coming to an end, so it is understandable that the betting companies want to protect themselves here.

Conclusion: Could be champions, but the odds are very short with still many variables to consider.

Philadelphia Eagles, 10/1.

The champions should be in an even better position than last year at the start of the regular season. Obviously, the main reason for that is the luxury of having Carson Wentz fully fit. The QB was excellent last year, leading the NFL in Total QBR, yet the Eagles still won Super Bowl LII without him. That’s a good sign for the upcoming season.

Conclusion: Those odds should be closer to the Patriots’. Bargain.

Pittsburgh Steelers, 11/1.

The Steelers come in just behind their Pennsylvania rivals Philadelphia in the early-odds. Le’Veon Bell and Ben Roethlisberger are still key to their hopes, with the former recently signing on for another season. A couple of tweaks and they could go deep into the post season.

Conclusion: odds are possibly a little short, but they could do very well.

Others: Packers 12/1, Vikings 16/1, Rams 18/1.

The outside favourites:

New Orleans Saints, 20/1.

Buoyed by a two-year contract extension from veteran QB Drew Brees, the Saints could improve on last year’s 11-5 record. They had a couple of good rookies, such as Kamara and Lattimore, who could also flourish in their second season.

Conclusion: Fair odds for a team who may conquer the NFC.

Atlanta Falcons, 28/1.

2017 wasn’t spectacular for the Falcons offense by any means, but there was always going to be a little regression after a stellar 2016. Fans haven’t warmed to the news that Steve Sarkisian is returning as offensive coordinator for another season. But perhaps the players can thrive if they get used to his methods.

Conclusion: Backing the Falcons may be something of a lottery. Decent odds though.

Dallas Cowboys, 28/1.

Some bookmakers are offering just half those odds for the Dallas Cowboys to go all the way this season. Should we be taking their chances seriously? Much will depend on the form of Dak Prescott, but they have a settled roster that, with a few tweaks, could certainly improve on the 9-7 record posted next season.

Conclusion: Worthy of an each/way bet to make a charge into the post season.

Others: Texans, 25/1, Jaguars 25/1, Chiefs 28/1, 49ers 22/1.  



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