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Essential Fighting MMA Gears Every Athlete Should Have

Steve Shoup

MMA gear and equipment are imperative to any athlete’s training regimen. The right MMA training and competition gear should ensure comfort and durability while improving your fighting style.


Here is a look at the essential fighting MMA gear every athlete should have:

Grappling Shorts

The shorts have evolved over time as old UFC videos will show athletes wearing speedos and now to full-out Gui’s. Grappling shorts provide comfort for you and your opponent regardless of the intensity of the fight. They are designed to allow more room for your legs, mobility, and flexibility. When buying the shorts, you should ensure they fit around the waist area; you don’t want something that sags off your body. They should also allow plenty of room around the thigh section. As martial art artists develop their kicking game, they want shorts that help them extend their legs without restrictions.

MMA Mouth Guards

Athletes should also have the best mouthguards for MMA for the competition. They have lots of benefits to athletes. First, they protect the teeth from getting hard blows during the fight. Secondly, they protect the athlete from developing oral lacerations that come about when you bite your tongue when the jaw gets kicked. When shopping for a mouth guard, look for the one that guarantees the most protection for the teeth. Also, determine if you want a single or double-sided mouth guard. Single-sided mouth guards protect the top section of the teeth while double-sided mouth guards cover the top and the lower part of the teeth. The double-sided mouth guard also has a breathing hole in the middle to allow easier breathing for the athlete.

Hand Wraps

While gloves make an essential part of hand gear for MMA competitions, hand wraps are equally important. They offer protection and support for your hands. Having your hands wrapped in hand wraps provides layers of protection for the fragile bones that make up the fist and fingers. The additional length of the hand wraps helps protect your hand from spraining or twisting your wrist in case you make awkward blows with your opponent.


MMA Gloves

The gloves are specially designed for MMA competitions. The most important factor of buying a pair of MMA gloves is its weight. Ordinary MMA gloves weigh 4-8 ounces, which makes a significant difference in your fighting style during a competition. Heavier gloves are ideal for training as they help you prepare for the competition adequately compared to standardized official fighting gloves. Lighter MMA gloves, on the other hand, allow athletes improve speed while adjusting to wearing the gloves before the competition. Training MMA gloves come in different colors, images, and designs. However, for the competition, athletes are required to wear specific types of gloves.


Shin Guards

MMA shin guards protect athletes from the heavy, dangerous kicks during fights. You want to look for a high-quality pair that provides comfort throughout the fight. Some shin guards cover the calf, shin, and back of the leg while others cover the shin like the Muay Thai guards.


The items discussed make the basic MMA fighting gear, but as athletes advance in their MMA training, they require additional equipment for their fights. Keep in mind that the basic feature to look at when buying the items is comfort.



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