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Five Biggest Slot Game Wins Through Online Casinos

Steve Shoup

Turning the reels of your most loved slots you must’ve thought in any event at least once, if not a billion times, ‘imagine if today’s the day I win the jackpot?’ The day is the snapshot of that enormous win that would change your life until the end of time. As it regularly happens, such successful minutes arrive totally shockingly. Most huge win stories begin with the fortunate victor hitting the reels in an online gambling club, not understanding or wondering that something shouldn’t be said about what is to go down, to know more visit the Biggest Casino Forum in the world!

In this article, we present to you 5 of the greatest opening payouts in written history:

  1. Mega payouts in Greece:

You’ve unquestionably known about the infamous Mega Moolah slots. Not exclusively, but perhaps the most prominent Microgaming space ever, yet in addition a standout amongst the most loved and much of the time most played dynamic slots, generally speaking. Indeed, in March 2009 it ended up being one fortunate Greek’s most loved space by a wide margin when he hit €6.3 million at River Belle Casino.

Georgios M, an entrepreneur from Greece, subsequently turned into the winner of the biggest Microgaming bonanza payout up until that minute.

  1. A swede that entered the hall of Gods:

It is 2012, the month is November and a Swedish player has recently chosen to give NetEnt’s Hall of Gods opening, a turn at Unibet Casino. Turns out that choice would soon flip her reality. Specifically, the Swede went ahead to hit six million in the prominent space and be rendered totally surprised. The fortunate Swedish player utilized her rewards to enhance her way of life, which included paying off her home and credits, going in style and purchasing an immaculate auto. Her big stake denoted the greatest win seen by an online club up until that minute.

  1. Sleep deprived in Norway:

Damn those restless evenings when the Sandman just won’t come around, isn’t that so? Mostly, yes. But in the case of a Norwegian player in September 2011, unquestionably no. In particular, the evening of the 24th of September, 2011, the wide wakeful Norwegian; who is being referred to, spun the reels of the Mega Fortune slot game and won a stunning jackpot! The win certainly didn’t help with the sleeping disorder, however; the dazed player remained alert till 06:00 because of the colossal shock. He wasn’t the only one, Huw Thomas, head of Betsson Casino, was astounded and in the meantime respected that with such an immense win they were going straight to the Guinness World Records. Web-based gambling had discovered another champion and the world would definitely think about him.


  1. From a quarter to a million:

You know what’s fortunate? Wagering a quarter and winning 17 million as a reward! Such a fantastic win happened at Paf Casino on the 20th of January, 2013 on the exceptionally same Mega Fortune space. At the point when the fortunate player hit the super big stake, he stated: “It was totally unbelievable. I chuckled and cried in the meantime.”

  1. Mega moolah rakes in megabucks:

If you somehow happened to open the Guinness World Record book at this moment, you’d discover Jon Heywood’s name transcribed in it. His fantastic win on the 6th of October, 2015 at Betway Casino, earned the fortunate Brit the title of the biggest online opening bonanza proprietor ever. The then 26-year-old British officer pledged to spend his cash to enable his family to pay hospital expenses, yet he was likewise going to utilize his gleaming new bills to treat himself to a lavish car. It appears as if a couple of bonanza champs can oppose an arrangement of good wheels once the opportunity for such a buy emerges.

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