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The Best Vert Shock For You

Steve Shoup

For those looking to improve their vertical jump, the vert shock program will turn any amateur basketball player into a better one. Learning this program will improve the dunking skills you want and you’ll have a lot more fun winning the games too.

Let’s cut to the chase and tell you how to dunk like a pro. For more details, read this article. You will see for yourself that anyone could become a better dunker with this program.

A great basketball player must be strong and fast so that he can jump. And for that you will need to check out the Vert Shock system that has been designed by Adam Folker himself.

This system will teach you how to jump as high as you can by using different body exercises. These will train your muscles and also the nervous system and you will see that your vertical jump will improve a lot. It will take you 8 weeks to train, but you’ll see great results even after the first week, as your jump will get 3 – 5 inch higher.

The program consists of more phases, each rising the jump to more than 15 inches, compared to your initial ability. The program also comes with workouts and drills that will train you for basketball matches.

Considering that the Vert Shock System is created by Adam Folker and co-owned with Justin Darlington, we cannot say the top world dunker will teach us otherwise.

What to Learn from The Program?

The whole training program will come in different forms: manuals, videos, PDFs, each providing all the necessary information to improve your vertical jump.

You will learn all about the muscles that help you jump that high and how to develop them in exercises.

Getting all warmed-up and going for bodyweight exercises will improve your results. You will learn some special techniques that will help you become a skilled player and athlete. This program works great not only for basketball players, but also for soccer players, volleyball and football players or high jumpers, and it’s easy to follow.

Vert Shock Phases

This program will surely improve your jump in just 8 weeks. It will focus on training the fast twitch muscles in three phases:

  1. The Pre-Shock Phase

This phase lasts one week and it prepares your body for the next phase. You will learn how to use your muscles and train them successfully. At the end of the first 7 days, your vertical jump will be better, rising to 3-5 inches more than your initial ability.

  1. The Shock Phase

You will have to work on it for 6 weeks, where you will use plyometric exercises and strength training exercises. You will exercise 4 times per week, each session lasting one hour.

  1. The Post Shock Phase

Learn how to use the muscles to enhance your abilities in the last phase. At the end of the training program, your jumps will be considerably high and also constant.

Will You Get Great Results?

Yes, it has an amazing success among people who have already went through it. Not only it makes you a better player, but it’s a great way of exercise that keeps you healthy. Complete the Folker system and you will not be disappointed!



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