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Can the Cowboys Still Catch the Eagles in the NFC East?

Steve Shoup

The Eagles are flying high at the moment in the NFC East and the following weeks will be the ones to determine if the Cowboys got what it takes to challenge the team to beat or if the Eagles will just sail through this season uncontested.

Anything is possible

The time for The Dallas Cowboys is running short as the end of the season is getting closer and closer. They have to move fast if they want to even bother The Eagles in what it seems to be, a very smooth run towards the championship title. But what if the Cowboys still have one last ace up their sleeves. Let’s start by looking at how future games are looking for them. First of all, things are extremely hard now since Ezekiel Elliott faces a possible six-game sit-out. In these circumstances, The Cowboys must really be realistic when it comes to their chances of bothering the Eagles because their next six matches are up against the San Francisco 49ers, the Washington Redskins, at home against Kansas City Chiefs then away at Atlanta Falcons and another home games with Philadelphia Eagles and Los Angeles Chargers.

Mission impossible?

Looking at their upcoming six matches, it’s only fair to assume that they will also have a couple of easy contest against San Francisco and Los Angeles Chargers. But that doesn’t mean that the 4 quite difficult games against top teams couldn’t prove to be a real nightmare for the Cowboys. But will they be able to face the pressure and win all the six matches, or at least 4 or 5 of them. And the hardest part is that we’re not talking about a simulation at bestcasino, it’s as real as it gets. Also, it is really hard to paint a complete picture as Ezekiel is also uncertain and with so much pressure on them, anyone could snap and even a defeat against the two weaker opponents become an option. Frankly, any of the six teams the Cowboys will be facing next have the potential to really ruin their plans of contesting the Eagles towards the end of the season, however, judging by the way things are looking with their opponents, the Cowboys might have some real issues.

Philly is looking great

The Philadelphia Eagles, on the other hand, are on fire with awesome looking 5 wins to 1 lose record. And if we are to look at their upcoming matches as well, it is clear that they have a lot of an easier mission than the Cowboys.  They have three consecutive wins at home and it seems like nothing can steer them away from the flying finish they are looking at. But for the sake of competition until the end, let’s assume that anything is possible and that we might be looking at a head-to-head finish between the Eagles and Cowboys and that Ezekiel will also return in time to save the season. Then, we will clearly have a hot end to what it already is an amazing competition.



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