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A Bet on Dallas Cowboys to Win the Superbowl Is Good

Steve Shoup

The 2017 Superbowl has come and gone, and the New England Patriots nipped it as predicted by many punters. Now, the 2018 version is in view, and there are speculations as it concerns who the winner will be. It is just about three weeks before the training camp opens for the new season. Many people have started thinking that it is too early to predict what will happen in February. The fact is that predictions made earlier enough will always come to pass if the forecaster is very versed in the game.


When it comes to predicting the future Superbowl, many people have been musing on why the Patriots will retain it against the Cowboys. But the truth is that no one is more likely to win the trophy than the Cowboys. You can bet on them with the level of certainty you wager on your favourite Australian casino online. Information on why they are the best teams to nip it is given below.

The Right Team to Win the Superbowl

Whenever the outcome of games or the season is being predicted, there is something that comes last. That is the team to play. After talks about history, records, form, weather conditions, motivation, management and all others, the deciding factor is always the strength of the team and how good the players are.  The Cowboys have succeeded in entrenching a tradition of getting the best players in all positions in their team. They placed a huge hand on the trophies when they jettisoned the old foundation tradition, and opted to equip the entire departments of the team with great players. With most of their players being named in the top 100 list of the NFL and the depth they brought to the team, they can lay hands on any trophy at all. The players are skilled, have the right physical makeup, and are burning with the right level of passion.

Balanced Offence and Defence

In the offence, they have the best receiver in the world. He is assisted in a thrilling passing game by Jason Witten, Cole Beasley, and Dak Prescott. Because of their rushing game, they are more balanced than any other team in the NFL in terms of offence.

When it comes to defence, they have one of the finest linebackers in the person of Sean Lee and two amazing safeties. There are some statistics you may not ascribe to them, but these lots simply get the job done. So, even if you have them on a free casino, you can always bet on them to perform.


They Are Coming for Revenge

Nothing motivates a team like revenge. When you see a team that feels they have some score to settle with the entire league or with another team, they can stake their lives to get the results. This is one thing the Cowboys will be coming with. They lost last year, but this year, they have even more points to prove. They are from the NFC East and hold the trophy for the East. No team from there has won the trophy back to back since 2004. They want to change this. So, it’s appropriate to say that some teams will be roasted on their way to claim the Superbowl back to back.




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