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Patriots/Cowboys Matchup has Best Odds for Super Bowl 52 

Steve Shoup

All football talk these days seems to revolve around the Super Bowl and for good reason. This is why sports fans endure entire seasons of football. Of course, the individual games are pretty fun. However, there’s something to be said about seeing a series of games finally culminate in a one-on-one clash between what might be considered to be the two best teams in the NFL. And the betting odds for Super Bowl 52 are gearing up for all manner of excitement.


Of course, it is difficult to come up with a perfect consensus for possible Super Bowl 52 matchups, especially taking into account the different methods different sources use to correlate data and to produce a conclusion.


However, many a pundit these days will agree with the prediction that the Patriots will face the Cowboys at Super Bowl 52. When next February rolls around, it will be the Patriots going to Minneapolis. There’s no doubt that the AFC will be represented by New England. One would be hard-pressed to argue against that.


And it might not seem like it but the Patriots have a lot of incentive to win. Super Bowl 52 will give New England the chance take home their sixth ring. When a team garners as many accolades as the Patriots, it is only natural for them to crave for more. In fact, considering their strength at the moment, the Patriots actually have a lot to prove, especially in their own eyes. It would be an embarrassment for all involved if New England failed to deliver.


When it comes to the NFC, the Golden Nugget oddsmakers in Vegas have their sights set firmly on the Dallas Cowboys. A New England/Dallas battle would hardly be the worst matchup in Super Bowl history.


And the Cowboys are brimming with talent. Though, the fact that they are so inexperienced is somewhat of a problem. Either way the Patriots/Cowboys matchup has the best odds when it comes to Super Bowl 52.


However, the odds for a Patriots/Packers Super Bowl 52 aren’t too far behind. Also, depending on how well they perform, it wouldn’t be unexpected for fans to be treated to rematches with both the Seahawks and the Falcons. The Falcons and the Seahawks trail the Packers with 10-1 odds.


The one team no one is talking about when it comes to Super Bowl betting odds is the Jets. It would take a miracle for the Jets to get into the Super Bowl. Of course, the Jets do not even care about a Super Bowl ring right now, not when they are so focused on getting a franchise quarterback in a future draft. Either way, the Jets have the worst odds around, which is why no one cares about them.


More interesting to fans is the simulation ESPN ran which revealed that the Patriots would most likely face the Seahawks. Any team that faces the Patriots has a lot to fear. The Cowboys probably have the best chance of beating the Patriots.


For fans, it might be more exciting to find an unexpected party like the Broncos in the mix. In fact, the Broncos’ chances of getting into the new league year are not as bad as some people think. Like most sports, the NFL could do with a little unpredictability.



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