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How NFL Will Shape the Future

Steve Shoup

It’s hard to deny the influence of the NFL on football, and although the NFL is dominating satellite TV, the advances in technology such as live streaming may cause the NFL to change their strategy to make up for low TV ratings. Since the Football League gets a big chunk of its billions from its broadcasting deals, live streaming may threaten potential revenue. The NFL has strategically placing their content on the internet, but the growing media could see the NFL sharing their cash streams with smaller corporations such as ESPN Sports games, social media platforms such as Twitter, and e-commerce sites like Amazon.

Regardless of the changes, as long as football is still a valuable commodity for media corporations, traditional TV networks remain holding their ground against digital players. Cable channels like ESPN and Fox Sports continue to air the world’s favorite game, purely based on viewer demand. The League generates billions of dollars per annum from TV rights deals, so it’s no wonder the digital world is claiming a piece of the pie.

Apart from media coverage, it is also rumoured that a few NFL players are looking to bounce back this year. Despite a few down seasons, mainly due to injuries leading to lack of productivity, a few players remain hopeful to rise above the obstacles. Some of the players looking to start afresh are believed to be Joe Haden, DeAndre Hopkins, Todd Gurley, Tyrann Mathieu and Eddie Larcey. While we cannot say for sure if these players will significantly impact any upcoming matches, we can though imagine that their determination to succeed will have viewers and punters around the world at the edge of their seats.

Online betting companies are also riding on the success of the NFL, with many avid bettors putting their wagers on the winning outcomes. The same way watching football has captivated fans and audiences all over the world, new betting sites here, seem to be capturing the attention of potential punters as well. This makes way for the love of football to be enjoyed in the virtual gambling world.

Some bookmakers offer over hundred different markets offered in big matches, giving online players a great chance to maximize their winnings. Depending on which betting site you choose, you can predict the total goals, odds and evens, as well as the first and last goals scored. By following the NFL season on TV and staying in the loop with regards to trends via social media, players find themselves transitioning into football analysts who better understand the science of the game. This integrated approach puts players in a comfortable place to predict the man of the match. At most bookmaker sites, wagers can be also placed on who will get a red or yellow card and at certain stages within the match.



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