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NBA Draft Notes – Mid May Edition

Steve Shoup

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By Staff Writer John Manuel:

1- After all the bull Lavar Ball will bring us until the draft the most important thing to watch is what happens with the Celtics. 

Once the lottery takes place Boston could be holding the number one pick.  Thanks to Brooklyn and their disaster trade.  Boston will then have to decide if its a better call to draft or move the pick.  Problem is the top player is a point guard and the Celtics already have Isaiah Thomas there.  They were in talks to acquire either Paul George or Jimmy Butler during the season but balked.  Would they try and go Fultz and Thomas together?  Or what most think and go with one of the vets?

2- Or the Celtics could have their decision changed by getting the second or third pick. 

Then Kansas star Josh Jackson comes into play.  He could be the next Jimmy Butler at a cheaper cost and they would be able to hold onto other assets.  But Jackson’s talent could also be hindered by a few incidents in Lawrence.  The NBA seems to be less damaging on incidents than then NFL when it comes to the draft.  Jackson will go top three for sure.

3- This draft is the draft of the point guard. 

Problem is I feel that there are already a ton of top level point guards in the league.  And they could be easier to find down the road for the bottom dwellers.  Fultz, Lonzo Ball and De’Aaron Fox lead the way.  All three could be in the top 5-6.  Fox used a great game against Ball to jump into the top 5 range.  Ball looked like the number pick in February but he was exposed badly against Kentucky in the sweet sixteen.  And teams must be wary of his dad and how his past dealings with Lonzo’s coaches have not pretty.  Especially if they lose.

4- Still speaking of point guards two big name ones may be waiting to hear their names come draft night. 

Both player of the year Frank Mason and NCAA finalist Nigel Williams-Goss project as second rounders.  Happens every year with only 30 spots in the first round and about 1/3 of that becomes project picks.  But both should help teams as eventual rotation guys especially Mason.  Yogi Ferrell has given guys like these two new hope.  Don’t get dejected where you are selected draft night, just hope a spot is out there for you.



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