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NBA Players That Are Worse in Real Life than in NBA 2K17

Steve Shoup

With every NBA games for PC and gaming consoles released annually by Electronic Arts, there seems to be at least a dozen different players whose abilities are exaggerated a little bit and outplay reality in every sense. Not that these players are bad in real life, but they surely are not the monsters as they have been programmed in the virtual world of NBA games.

It’s so fun to predict which player will be the next digital superstar opposed to his real life self that betting shops can easily make that into a betting line. Get your bet365 bonus code here and guess the next NBA 2K18 monsters!

Let’s see the ones from the current NBA 2K** edition.


Carmelo Anthony

Carmelo is a great player that we all love, but the iteration of his abilities in 2K are borderline unfair to Knicks fans. The fans of New York Knicks would really love to have the Carmelo from 2K17. In reality he is a great scorer, but the game developers have made his mid-range nigh unstoppable. On top of that, his defense game is unreal. He can guard any position in the game especially players like LeBron. Even center players can’t get past him.


Ben Simmons

The 2K17 Ben Simmons is the dreamy number one draft pick that the 76ers fans wish they had. He has an all-time great mentality, fast point-forward presence with ultra-aggressiveness and deer-speed. We all hope that proves out when he finally gets fit to play in the next season. But, considering his summer performance and the fact that he is recuperating from a heavy injury, all of that is only a wishful thinking.


Paul George

Paul George is this edition’s cover athlete, so it’s understandable why the programmers have given themselves the liberty to pump up his tendencies and ratings. It’s probably their duty to do so as part of the contract and we accept that. But, what’s with his three-point stats? Even in the worst cases he averages 66 percent three-point shooting.


Andre Drummond

How many of you that have tried the game think that the 2K17 Andre Drummond is not Drummond at all, but some hybrid Frankensteinesque combination of rookie Shaquille O’Neal and Vince Carter? Not a single ball that enters the hemisphere of the rim can escape the 2K17 Drummond unlike the real Drummond.


Anthony Tolliver

If anyone tried to play the Kings in MyCareer mode has probably noticed that Anthony Tolliver doesn’t miss a three-point shot. Currently he is shooting 39 percent in real life, however in-game Tolliver barely misses three three-point shots. So…


Emmanuel Mudiay

Mudiay is a 31.5 percent three-point shooter at the moment, refuses to pass to Jokic and buries every straight-on three. The 2K17 Mudiay on the other hand is 1000% the most aggressive PG player in the game. And it’s impossible to guard him if you don’t turn up assisted defense settings.



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