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How Gambling And Betting Companies Have Taken Over The Premier League’s Shirts

Steve Shoup

As a football fan, you’ve probably noticed that lots of the Premier League players are regularly caught to wear t-shirts with online casino advertisements. Many view it as quite a peculiar fact. However, current tendency is such that an increasing number of online casinos strive for football league sponsorship. Indeed, one can hardly find a more efficient way to promote casino sites like Vinnarum slots and games online rather than make their logo decorate a footballer’s uniform. And there’s no secret that many find this strategy working pretty well.

Taking the advertising campaign initiative

Today gambling is one of those spheres of general interest that are subjected to exponential growth and simply enormous popularity. And, surely, an advertising campaign on TV can only benefit to such a state of affairs, same as to the new player’s attraction. The fact, Fulham became the first club to feature a betting advertisement on their shirts already speaks much of the sponsor’s serious intentions. Gambling is an integral part of our lives, which stands to support popular sports and aims to be warmly accepted by the audience on a global scale.

Reasons to choose football

It so turned that football has become the second most popular sports for bettors after horseracing. And it seems quite logic for those to invest into this sports game, considering that it’s one of the main sources of their income. As was seen, Mansion and Betway had already got their names featuring on the t-shirts of Bournemouth and West Ham respectively. Such an event as the Football Premier League is known to gather viewers from around the globe. Eventually, online casinos together with bookmakers realise how important these series are in terms of the promotional campaign. And the fact 2005 Gambling Act doesn’t prohibit TV advertisement during matches drives one to push forward the idea with even greater force.

Global goals and risks

Naturally, when leaving their logos on the footballers’ backs, both casinos and bookmaker sites are pursuing one and the same goal – to gain general respect and trust for the brand. The fastest and the most efficient way to do so is by getting the world-recognized names like Chelsea, Arsenal, Liverpool involved into a brand’s promotion. For the bettors, it is, of course, a risk, as in accordance with Gambling Act 2014 betting companies need to pay 15% tax on sponsorship profits.

However, as the practice shows, the most beneficial aspect of advertisement during the Premier League is the ability to advertise on a “multi-market basis”. Thus, if a company is active in 5-10 markets, the resulting income covers all the investing spends, as well as brings some impressive profit.



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