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Do You Know This About Your March Madness Bracket Contest?

Steve Shoup

Do you have a March Madness bracket contest? From here on out until Selection Sunday, all the bubble teams will be in the hunt for a spot in the field in the NCAA’s Men’s Basketball Tournament. One good win can be the game-changer for a team to compete in the March Madness frenzy and if you’re looking to make your picks, perhaps you can find NCAA Basketball picks at Skybook.


This is the time of the year when it will start feeling like March Madness has begun, it’s about now that some conference’s regular season has ended and league tournaments begin. When only a few games are left in the major conferences before Championship Week begins.


And, for you, it’s about the time when you prepare for the NCAA Tournament and get your strategy down. How will you pick your teams? What is your strategy, the possibilities are endless, but you can settle on a methodology. Will you choose only the favorites? Can you increase your odds at winning? Or, at least, can you not pick a loser?


If you’re picking teams with a seed of 10 or higher, how many games have they won in the tournament? Were these teams of a particular lesser or higher seed? What are the seed stats, in what seeds can you see many more upsets? What are the stats of winning teams? What were the Champion’s seeds throughout the history of this Championship? In other words, what can you learn from history and the data you have.


You may not be able to pick a perfect bracket, but you will be close enough to win the office competition and the bragging rights among everyone else!



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