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The Best Football Themed Slots to Play at Online Casinos

Steve Shoup

Needless to say how popular virtual online casinos are among people across the globe. The main reason for that is an opportunity to play favourite video slot machines that are divided into categories according to genres and plots. As the statistics show, more and more people opt for football themed slots. That’s why here are the best football themed slots to play at online casinos anytime and anywhere.

Not all the fun should happen on the field. A great pastime is guaranteed due to the newest slot machines. You will also come across the old ones, but they are still breath-taking and available to play right now. Choose the most suitable football slots and enjoy playing them.


“Football Champion Cup”- NetEnt

This game is one of the newest ones on the market today, yet it has already managed to become number 1 among keen players. The success of the game was expectable and obvious since the slot was released by NetEnt. The football game has never been so exciting. Apart from traditional options and features, its developers have also added 2 unique and excellent bonus rounds.

The idea is the following: at first, there is a free spins round which greatly resembles a usual tournament. You, as a player, and a slot, as a competitor, go head to head across a few matches. The goal is to spin symbols. The one, who spins more goals, goes on top of the ranking and consequently, wins.

Then there is a second round, where you have to take a penalty shoots against the competitor (the slot). This particular slot is not great only in terms of technical features but it makes players feel like being on a real football field.


“Shoot!” – Microgaming

This game was released by Microgaming a few years ago, but very recently its developers have re-launched it, adding the most modern standards, latest technologies and even customer’s expectations.

As a result, it turned out to be one of the most favourite football themed slots worldwide.

There is only one bonus round but it is divided into the whole 4 different sections. These 4 sections include two clicks and pick bonus rounds. There is also a possibility to win free spins. If you are that lucky then you are granted with other 33 spins.

The system of bonuses here is really amazing and that’s the major reason why players opt for “Shoot!” from Microgaming.


“Football Rules” – Playtech

“Football rules”- is a perfect football themed slot for both beginners and experienced players. From the one hand, it is pretty simple, which means it is a good start and practice for newbies. And from the other hand, even professional players love it because it still has the strongest spirit of real football.

Additionally, this slot is beloved by people because it can be played on the go i.e. mobile versions are available.

These are the most popular football themed slots developed and launched by three different companies. And it is already a matter of personal choice and preference which one to choose.​​​​​​



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