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Cowboys vs. Patriots Super Bowl Could Save the Season  

Steve Shoup

People love watching football matches with clear good guys and bad guys. Everyone loves cheering for the lovable underdogs even while booing the arrogant powerhouse. Even when they fail, there is always something euphoric about watching the underdogs struggle for impossible success; for this reason, very people are thinking about a Patriots VS Cowboys Super Bowl, especially if you look at the top US ranking Betting Lines for the Super Bowl.

However, a Patriots VS Cowboys Super Bowl just might be what everyone needs; Bad Guy VS Bad Guy matches are so much more fulfilling that Good Guy/Bad Guy games because fans not only hate both contending teams but they have to agonize over which horrible franchise to support.

Dallas and New England are both the Number One Seed in their respective divisions; there are so many complications that would arise in a match between those two sides, especially considering all the vitriol that would be aroused amongst fans who hate both teams.

Admittedly, for people who hate both of these teams, a Dallas/New England Super Bowl would be a nightmare. If you Google the Cowboys and the Patriots, you will quickly find that the teams tend to top almost all lists of the most hated teams in the NFL.

At the moment, the Patriots are a little more hated than the Cowboys; though, for all the people who despise them, there are just as many fans that love Dallas and New England. In fact, Dallas and New England are actually considered to be the most beloved teams in the NFL.

In other words, these two teams are simultaneously the most loved and most hated teams in the NFL, which is a strange situation. And because Dallas and New England seem to tap into two extremely opposite emotions with equal fervor, a matchup between the Cowboys and the Patriots would definitely have a deafening impact on the league.

It is worth noting just how amazing both the Cowboys (13-3) and the Patriots (14-2) are right now, especially considering the way they have plowed through their opponents this season.

It is easy to see why people turn against them; they are the sort of powerhouse teams you just love to hate. The idea of watching the same teams win again and again is simply abhorrent to some people.

And because both teams are so amazing, their fans inevitably come across as being highly arrogant and entitled. Questions of morality also tend to come into the picture, especially with all the scandals that both teams have had to deal with.

Admittedly, both teams are very fun to watch. They have an amazing ability to put on a show; with players like Tom Brady and Ezekiel Elliot on the field, you are guaranteed a good time.

The season has struggled to keep fans entertained; capping things off with a Dallas/New England Super Bowl would make the last few months’ worth it. This is one Super Bowl that would feel like it really mattered.

Even fans who hate the cowboys and the patriots would be invested enough to make the game a memorable one.



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