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NFC Playoff Race should be interesting down the stretch

Steve Shoup

With two weeks left in the NFL season the NFC playoff race is far from set. So far the Seahawks have clinched the NFC West and the Cowboys have clinched a playoff spot, but little else is set. For the other four playoff spots 6 teams (Lions, Giants, Redskins, Falcons, Buccaneers, Packers, Vikings) have a reasonable shot, Here’s a look at the outlook for the 6 teams with a good chance at the playoffs:

NFC East:
New York Giants (10-4)-

-With a 10-4 record it would be a major disappointment to miss the playoffs at this point, and in fact you would have better odds at casino live than betting against the Giants to make the post-season. With winning both games vs the Cowboys, New York still has an outside shot at the division if they win out and the Cowboys lose their final two games. Still it’s looking likely that Dallas wins the division and the Giants take a wild card spot (likely the 5th seed).

Washington Redskins (7-5-1)* game tonight

-With the Buccaneers losing to Dallas on Sunday the Redskins take back control of their playoff destiny. They have to win against the Panthers tonight, but if they do they would be the 6th seed in the playoffs. While obviously the tied on their record holds them back some, it also is keeping them ahead of teams like the Packer, Bucs and Vikings. If either the Packers or Vikings have a tie either of these last two games, the Redskins will still hold the tie-breaker over them given their head-to-head victories (note* the Lions would be ahead of them if they get knocked out of the division lead and tie a game). While the Redskins control their own destiny they still have a lot of work to do. The Panthers and Bears are down teams this year, but both have been dangerous at times. And in their final game the Giants could still have the division on the line (and possibly a WC berth if they lose Thursday night).

NFC North:
Detroit Lions (9-5)-

-The Lions right now hold the division lead, but they are in a tough spot down the stretch. The Lions face the Cowboys and Packers the final two games of the season. With the Packers already holding one win over the Lions, if Detroit beats Dallas, and loses to the Packers, Green Bay will be the division champs if they can get past Minnesota this week. So that week 17 game is going to be crucial for Detroit, and even if they beat the Packers week 17, but they lose to the Cowboys, the Lions could still fall out of the division lead assuming the Packers beat Minnesota. If that happens and the Redskins don’t lose a game down the stretch, the Lions could miss the playoffs. Given how the Lions offense is in question with Matt Stafford’s injuries, you mine as well take your money to roulette online live then hope for the Lions to make the playoffs.

Green Bay Packers (8-6)-

-As mentioned in the Lions write up, the Packers may be a game behind, but they very much control their own destiny. If they win out they will take the division and homefield in their first playoff game. If they win this week, but lose to the Lions they could still have a wild card shot based on what the Redskins and Buccaneers do down the stretch, but it won’t be easy.

Minnesota Vikings (7-7)-

-The Vikings are still alive right now, but they are in a bit of trouble. They need to win out vs the Packers and Bears, but even then they can’t win the division and their only hope is the wild card. So for that to happen they will need both the Redskins and Buccaneers to stumble these last two weeks. If the Redskins win 2 of the 3 games they will be ahead of the Vikings and eliminate them from the postseason.

NFC South:
Atlanta Falcons (9-5)-

-For the Falcons all they have to do is win both of their final two games (vs Panthers and Saints) and they will lock up their division. If they split they could lose the tie breaker to Tampa, but right now have the edge. If they lose both they still have a chance at the wild card, but it does become tougher.

Tampa Bay Buccaneers (8-6)-

-Right now the Buccaneers are on the outside looking in, but if they win out they still have a decent chance of making it. If they win out and the Falcons lose out, Tampa will win the division. Also if they win out and the Redskins drop one game, they will jump ahead of them in the pecking order. If they split the games, they still have a chance but could need some other things to happen.

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