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Vikings Refuse to Crumble in Light of First Season Loss

Steve Shoup

The Vikings still sit at the top of the NFL rankings, and they want everyone to believe that the Eagles loss didn’t get them down, but anyone who saw the team in the locker room knows that wasn’t the case. Looking at the NFL lines, the Vikings are not exactly in a place of crisis.

But they cannot be happy with the way things turned out, and no one was happy in the locker room. It would take an unnatural player to accept any loss, no matter how many times they might have lost in the past.

The Vikings players sat around quietly in the locker room. When it came to dealing with journalists, the answers given were short and direct, with only a few rare smiles. Coach Zimmer, in particular, kept his responses to one or two words.

The Vikings were called an embarrassment, which wasn’t as bad a chastisement as they got in the safety of the locker room. Naturally, Zimmer was very angry, and for some very good reasons. The Vikings, in his estimate, where unacceptably poor in all the different phases of the game; everything they took pride in during their unbeaten run they failed at this time, largely unable to limit turnovers or penalties.

No one thought that the Vikings would have three turnovers in just the first quarter during the Eagles Match, this after going five games without a single offensive turnover. The team fumbled and stumbled in so many places, delivering the sort of performance Zimmer didn’t think was possible from his team.

Any analyst that watched the game will tell you that everything the Vikings were doing so well before they failed at this time around. Every good team loses at some point. And every good team knows how to get back up.

Whether or not the Vikings can be classified as a good team will depend on whether or not they can rise again. And it isn’t enough to get up. They have to also get better. The Eagles exposed their weaknesses, especially with regards to their offensive line.

Bradford, who has been on fire for a while now, was sacked six times; that is embarrassing. The many injuries plaguing the Vikings clearly left them weak offensively and Bradford couldn’t carry the weight all on his own.

The Vikings have played well enough in previous games that their loss to the Eagles could accurately be called a fluke; the entire team was uncharacteristic in the way it played.

So, if the team can take a breath and admit that such things happen, and then take steps to make positive changes, they can come back better than ever. Of course, the NFL won’t give them the time to fix things.

All they can do now is to patch the gaps in their offensive line; in fact, this loss might work in the Vikings’ Favor. They have had the sort of winning streak that tends to make players complacent.

The thrashing they took from the Eagles will bring the urgency back for the Vikings and push them to fight harder. The Vikings still have a decent chance of coming out of this season victorious.



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