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Could Dak Prescott Take Tony Romo’s Starting Spot?

Steve Shoup

Quarterbacks have become the straw that breaks the camel’s back. Every other team today seems to struggle with them. And maybe it is because of all the responsibilities they seem to carry, affecting NFL odds and a game’s success that they often fall prey to injury.

The right quarterback can make all the difference to a game. No one thought much of Dak Prescott at the start. Coaches put almost as much thought into selecting a quarterback’s backup as they do selecting the quarterback.

More importantly, the place of any given backup is never in doubt; they exist to fill the gap left when a quarterback falls to injury. Prescott took over the quarterback role as the Cowboys’ replacement for Tony Romo.

Romo broke a bone in his back in the preseason, and there were questions over Prescott’s ability to step into his shoes. Considering the role that Prescott played in the Cowboys’ win over the Packers in Green Bay, though, it might be time to reevaluate Prescott’s place on the team.

With Prescott’s record breaking and Mike McCarthy’s decision-making, everything seemed to go right for the Cowboys during their 30-16 win over the packers, highlighting Prescott’s skills like never before even while raising questions about his place as Romo’s backup.

And it isn’t like Prescott only recently begun performing for the Cowboys; the quarterback has been instrumental to the team’s 5-1 record. He set a new record early in thegame against the Packers when he completed his 163rd straight pass without an interception to start a career.

That is a notable achievement when you realize that the record was previously held by Tom Brady. The quarterback eventually threw an interception, and by finishing 18 for 27 for 247 yards (with three touchdowns), he pretty much outplayed Aaron Rodgers.

Because of how well he has played in the early stages of the season, people have rightly begun to wonder what the future holds for Prescott. Could he possibly retain his starting job?

Romo is going to return at some point in the midseason. For a while now, the Cowboys have insisted that Romo’s place on the team wasn’t at risk and that he would indeed reclaim his spot the moment he was ready.

However, Prescott’s continuously impressive performance is only going to increase the pressure on that particular decision and raise questions with regards to whether Romo should be kept on the bench when he returns.

The Packers were inferior to the Cowboys during the game; that much is clear. However, their struggles can also be imputed to some fourth-down decisions by Coach McCarthy. By the time the Packers stumbled into a fourth down and ten at Dallas 16, they were already trailing by 20-6 early in the fourth quarter.

Being deep in a hole on the scoreboard, the Packers endeavored to opt for points on the board by kicking a field goal that only closed them to within 11. The touchdown drive that came from the cowboys in response allowed them to pull even further ahead.

Rodgers was playing far below his usual standards, missing open receivers and fumbling near the end zone and essentially killing a Packers Drive in the 4th quarter.



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