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How to Make Money with Daily Fantasy Sports & Betting on Sports!

Steve Shoup

It’s not a secret that many of us are looking for ways to make some money on the side, which could significantly boost our house budget and help us pay the bills. We covered in the past how you can make hundreds of thousands of dollars taking Jon Prices betting picks and he also now offers Daily Fantasy Sports Tips that have already made one lucky daily fantasy sports player $50,000 so far this NFL season.

How to make money over the Internet is a phrase that you often hear but what about a way to do so while being entertained watching sports?

Although, there are thousands of websites and blogs that offer different ways and advices on how to make money, our focus of this article will be to show you how to make money with Daily Fantasy Sports & Betting on Sports!!! If you want a shortcut to making money then you can call 866-441-2711 and speak with an analyst at Sports Information Traders and they will do all of the heavy lifting for you.

The Sports industry has been growing in ways that were not imaginable back in the 60s and 70s, attracting fans (male and female) to become die-hard sports enthusiasts. Whether it be the NBA, the NFL, NHL, MLB, soccer or some other sports category, the industry has simply found new ways to make billions of $ thanks to the fast increasingly fan base. How did they do it – By introducing the Fantasy Sports and Online Betting on sports?

With the emergence of the Fantasy sports concept which really took off back in the 1990s, the sports industry changed drastically, as many websites used it to grow their popularity by offering the fans the option to draft actual professional athletes into their virtual team and earn  points based on the athletes real world performance. The Daily Fantasy Sports (DFS) concept was a revolutionary model that sky-rocketed the fantasy sports competition. Although it has been around only since the 2007, it is something that, ever since it came out, a huge amount of sports fans worldwide got hooked on instantly. In addition, it offered a way for the fans to earn some serious money on a daily basis, by competing against other DFS addicts through numerous contests. There have been hundreds of stories published online of people who left the corporate workplace and made their living by playing the Daily Fantasy Sports. Sports fans around the world, who would like to enter certain DFS contest, in some cases can do it without paying a fee, or could pay a certain fee, which ranges from a few of hundreds of dollars all the way up to couple of thousands. The bigger the entrance fee is, the more chances you have to win some serious money. However, those players that are playing the DFS for a while, have learned that the DFS is not just game and that your success doesn’t rely on luck only and how well you know your favorite team or players. On contrary, it is waaaayyyy more than that. In order to simplify it for you even more, we have circled out couple of things that should increase your chances of making the DFS profitable for you.

  • PUT IN THE HOURS: if you are an amateur in DFS, you can get lucky once or twice, but long-term, you are looking for a failure and lots of empty pockets. If you want to be successful with DFS and to win some money, you need to do an extensive research on the players, teams, leagues that you plan on playing.
  • BE READY TO INVEST: You cannot win if you are not ready to invest. Look at playing the DFS just like an investment opportunity. For instance the stock exchange, where you invest your money, hoping to gain a profit in the end. This is the same way, only it is short-term and your investment could pay off in 24 hours. Important to note is also the fact that you need to be ready to invest in several different contests, which decreases your chances of failure and losing all of your money at once.
  • ENTER DIFFERENT TYPES OF CONTESTS: do your research on different types of contests (50/50, Double Ups, Featured contests, Tournaments and Leagues, etc.), and learn all about the different strategies that could help you out decided where to invest your money.

So, honestly, despite many doubters, making money while doing something you truly enjoy, like playing the DFS, is very possible. Just like in any other career, or investment, in order to be good and successful in doing something, you have to do an extraordinary preparation and the success should be at the reach of a hand.

Betting on Sports as a way to make a Steady Income!!!

So, now that we have the DFS option of making money covered, it is time to talk a little bit about one of the fastest growing ways to make some money on the side – Betting on Sports!!!

Betting on sports has become a very popular option of gaining some extra income for millions of sports fans around the world. Over the last two decades, the industry has shown a substantial growth and nowadays, although not legalized in most countries, has become an option as a professional career for many.

Just like in playing the DFS, the sports gambling requires a lot of dedication, time and hard work. In order to be a successful bettor, you need to devote your time to study the picks, analyze all of the events that are related to your potential pick, gather extra information and consultation from other professional bettors, keeping your own stats sheet of all of your bets and winning percentages.

One of the most successful guys that proved the theory that is possible to beat the system and make a steady income is definitely Jon Price, one of the World greatest handicappers and bettors of all time. The owner of Sports Information Traders, an online sports handicapping service, has won over $ 10 million over the last year picking games and giving betting advice to his clients. With a 73.3 % winning percentage on all of his picks, Jon Price is definitely a guy that know a thing or two about the making a profit through betting on sports.

One of the things Jon Price constantly underlines when giving advices on how to pick games and place bets is that in order to be successful, a person needs to be disciplined, and always know how to control the amounts that he bets, do an extensive research, create an algorithm that will increase the chances of winning, and not to bet on his/hers favorite teams. Jon Price looks at placing bets on games in the same way as making an investment, which in his thoughts, requires more than just an average knowledge in sports and luck.

Many, who place bets, hope that luck will follow them, but according to Jon, luck has very little to do with the outcome. Before you decide to place bets, analyze the game, opponents, and weather conditions, follow the latest updates and injury reports on the teams that you want to bet on, in other words, you have to know almost everything related to that game.

So, if still think you got it, and you believe that you could make a profit, or even a living, be ready to exclude your emotions, and place bets upon the analysis and research results on the games of interest. Otherwise, visit Sports Information Traders and follow their advice as they will make the right pick for you.



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