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Is Colin Kaepernick Finished with the NFL?

Steve Shoup

Colin Kaepernick doesn’t have that much time left as an NFL quarterback, or so some analysts have begun to say. One cannot ignore the furor he incited when he refused to stand for the National Anthem. And even those more positive opinions surrounding his stance were somewhat measured in their support. Sufficing to say, though, the online NFL betting odds are not exactly favorable for Colin at the moment.


And it is worth noting that talk of his dying tenure with the 49ers has very little to do with the National Anthem Hullaballoo, or rather that isn’t the only reason.


Colin hasn’t exactly been delivering in terms of performance. Simply speaking, he isn’t the same guy that would terminate the Packers in Playoff games. If he was, the 49ers would care little about the furor of the National Anthem incident.


Very few teams in the NFL are willing to tolerate such distractions. There are exceptions, players for whom the league might turn a blind eye. Unfortunately, Colin is not one such player. Having reached one super bowl, his drive for another in the following year came up short.


The NFL star has suffered an unfortunate number of setbacks over the last couple of years; and maybe some of the blame for his failures could be imputed to people like Jim Tomsula, who was clearly unable to muster the strength of an entire football team.


That being said, Colin has been ineffective for a while now; and his injuries have only exacerbated his situation, highlighting his failures and affording him fewer opportunities than he might have wanted to prove himself.


It could be argued that a departure from the game is in Colin’s best interests; after all, precluding his performance issues and injuries, Colin doesn’t even seem that interested in the game anymore.


The player’s heart and head are somewhere else; it is difficult to determine whether his lack of focus is the direct result of his recent expression of anger against social injustices. Colin has, more or less, stood his ground in the face of criticism following his refusal to stand during the National Anthem.


Colin has also been quite vocal about the satisfaction he would feel in standing up for his beliefs, even if his stance cost him all his endorsements. No one is going to cry foul if Colin is removed from the NFL.


The player looks like he is more or less done. The fact that he was beaten out by Blaine Gabbert this preseason doesn’t help matters. Nobody even wanted to trade for him in the offseason, and he cannot expect to hold onto the starting quarterback position with such an ambivalent attitude.


At 30-years of age, Colin is hardly young. He is also physically diminished. There is plenty of young talent that could step up to the plate if he was removed from the equation. That doesn’t mean that Colin’s situation is a foregone conclusion. There might be a coach out there capable of contending with Colin’s particular temperament. One thing’s for sure, the 49ers will not tolerate him for much longer.



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