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Should I Stay or Should I Go to Games?

Steve Shoup

Should You Stay or Should You Go?

It’s long been the argument of movie lovers: is it worth all of the hassle to go to the theater when, if you wait long enough, all of the movies eventually find their way to you? This is becoming even more of an issue now that movie studios sometimes release movies for a limited time via Amazon and On Demand services before releasing them for theatrical release.

Now, thanks to satellite services and sports packages, that argument has made its way to sports fans is: “Why should I go see a game live when I can stay in the comfort of my own home and watch with my NFL SUNDAY TICKET on DIRECTV?”

Let’s break down each argument

Going to the Game: Pros

There is nothing quite like seeing your favorite team play a game right in front of you. Piggy-backing on top of that is the fact that there is nothing quite like getting swept up in the roar of the crowd or the feeling that is created by thousands of people experiencing the exact same thing at the same time you are. The energy created by each person joins together to become its own sort of force. It’s amazing and something that is really fun to experience. Plus, as a sports fan, it’s fun sharing that experience with your kids.

Going to the Game: Cons

Tickets to live sporting events are rarely cheap. They can cost hundreds of dollars depending upon how far into the season the team has gotten. Then, on top of the price of the tickets, there’s the cost of parking, the cost of food and beverages (why is stadium’s flat beer always eight times more expensive than the same fresh beer at the pub down the street from the stadium?) and, of course, the cost of souvenirs. Beyond the sheer cost of game attendance is the fact that most stadiums are open to the elements. Few of them have roofs and that means that you are going to have to deal with potentially terrible weather conditions. Sitting in the snow for hours isn’t anybody’s idea of a good time. Plus, if you miss something, it’s over. You can’t go back and watch it again.

Staying Home: Cons

You’ll miss out on all of the fun that is had from going to a live game and letting yourself care about nothing but sports and your favorite team for a few hours. When you watch at home not only is it possible that you’ll get interrupted; it is probable that you will get interrupted. Your family will wander in and out of the room, stand in front of the screen, argue about whether or not to watch the halftime show, etc.

Staying Home: Pros

Instead of watching just one game, you can flip back and forth between a few! Watching at home also gives you access to instant replays and commentary (which, admittedly, is sometimes great but sometimes not). And nothing quite beats being able to spend the day in your comfy pants, on your comfy couch or in your favorite chair, in your own climate controlled home, with snacks that are already bought and paid for and better for you than anything you could buy at the stadium. As an added bonus, there is rarely a forty five minute wait for the restroom (this will vary depending upon the number and ages of your kids).

Really, there are good and bad things about both options. Whether you should pony up the cash for tickets or spend that money on a sports package with your cable provider is up to you. Or, if you have the time and budget–why not do both? Go to local games but watch the rest from the comfort of home?



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