Redskins Load Up on Running Backs, Dump Banks

Steve O Speak

Undrafted rookie return sensation was cut today, to make room for running back Ryan Torain. While Torain proved himself as a tough runner in training camp and the Redskins just cut Larry Johnson, cutting Banks is a bit of a surprise.

Yes the Redskins were carrying 6 receivers, which is a bit high, but Banks has some promise and offered something special. Banks has exceptional speed and quickness, and could be a home run threat anytime he gets the ball in the open field. Banks could be a very dangerous return man, and unlike most of the receivers on the Skins roster, Banks is young with plenty of room to grow (talent wise). While he has been inactive so far, Banks probably at least deserved a play in a game before getting cut.

Now the Skins don’t have the best running back depth, since veteran Larry Johnson ended up being a complete bust, but I don’t know if if Torain is the answer. They already signed Chad Simpson when they cut Johnson, and Keiland Williams has shown more promise than Torain. While Simpson isn’t a great option, he offers more of a speed option as well as plenty of special teams experience. Adding Torain does increase the depth, but his skill set isn’t different from what’s already on the roster. In addition it will be tough to keep 4 running backs active (like it was trying to keep 6 receivers), so I don’t know how much playing time Torain will have. While he remains good insurance and might only be a one week fix as Simpson gets his feet wet, it is a bit of a shock.

While their running back depth is a bit of a question, so is their receiving corps. And this week it appears that Anthony Armstrong might need to be inactive since he has missed practice this week. If that is the case, it would have been the perfect opportunity to see what would Banks do in an actual game.  Hopefully this is not a a long term issue, and the Redskins will resign Banks in the coming weeks (and that they get over their love for Roydell Williams). If not the Redskins might end up regretting this decision, if Banks signs elsewhere.

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