The Favre Affect?

Steve O Speak

I know the media, fans, and bloggers like to jump on Brett Favre, and talk about how he can’t finish a season anymore. Or the dissension he causes in the locker room is catching up with the team. But come on, let’s be realistic! That is the least of the issues with this Vikings team. Yes he had a heated exchange his coach, but I don’t think that’s by any means out of line. This isn’t what Anquan Boldin did last season to Todd Haley or what we’ve seen from other players in the past. This was a heated discussion because Favre didn’t want to leave the game when his team could still win and because he was unhappy with the game plan. What is so wrong with that, he didn’t throw a tantrum or cuss him out after the game to the media. He simply was unhappy with how the game was going (as was every Viking fan in the country I presume). I mean we have situations where Tom Brady calls out his teammates commitment and effort (after he has one of his worse games of the season), and that’s barely mentioned in a negative light. Some bloggers and media members even credit him with ‘inspiring’ his team. We also have situations where Phillip Rivers is yelling and screaming at the refs about any call he doesn’t agree with. Yet somehow, someway Brett Favre is the team cancer and the troublemaker in the NFL, disrespecting the game left and right.

What is a team cancer and troublemaker for the Vikings is the play of their offensive line (though Adrian Peterson‘s fumbling is a close second). This was supposed to be the best offensive line in football, but they have aged mighty quickly this season and of late have been one of the league’s worst. Peterson hasn’t averaged more than 4.0 yards a carry since week 10, and has only gotten higher than 4.o yards per carry six times this season (Browns, Lions twice, Rams, 49ers, and Ravens). Of those only three were 100+ yard days, Cleveland, Baltimore and Detroit. The O-line has crumbled in pass protection giving up now 34 sacks on the season. Those 34 sacks tie them with the Eagles for 20th worst in the NFL, only the Eagles and Packers are playoff teams with equally or worse offensive lines (though the Steelers could still join that group). Favre and the Vikings have gotten this far without a consistent running game or a decent offensive line. Imagine what they could do if they actually start playing up to their potential once the postseason begins?

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