Bad Time to be an Offensive Coordinator

Steve O Speak

Traditionally coaching changes are made during the offseason, and coordinators usually aren’t the ones who get replaced once training camp starts. But in the past week we’ve seen two offensive coordinator’s get the axe. On Monday it was Chan Gailey who was out in Kansas City, and today its Buccaneers current former offensive coordinator Jeff Jagodzinski who is in the unemployment line.

Now with the Gailey move I was shocked about the timing, but not wholly surprised. Gailey has been an offensive coordinator on multiple teams as well as a head coach for the Dallas Cowboys. He was a hold over from the previous regime, so you could see how he could buttheads with new HC Todd Haley. The firing of Jagodzinski on the other hand is a complete shock. Jagodzinski was hired by the new head coach and regime in Tampa. He was handpicked just 6 months ago to run this new Buccaneers offense. Now before a single regular season snap, he is out of a job. This is Jagodzinski’s second firing in 2009, and neither seem to be due to ineffectiveness. He was fired from the Boston College head coaching position this winter after he disobeyed the university, and interviewed for the New York Jets head coaching vacancy. For this latest firing we don’t fully know the reasons, but they can’t be about production before the first game of the regular season. This just seems like such an odd move for Tampa Bay to make right before the season. Can you really judge someone’s coaching ability on 3 preseason games? Not to mention part of the production problem could be the fact that the Buccaneers top three QB’s are Byron Leftwich, Luke McCown and rookie Josh Freeman. Not exactly the type of players that are gonna make an offensive coordinator look like a genius. And if we are firing coordinators based on three preseason games, where is Dean Pees pink slip? His New England Patriots defense is ranked 30th in the league in yards allowed, that surely warrants a firing.

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