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On the Clock Hall of Fame

Hall of Fame

We're excited to introduce the On the Clock Hall of Fame! The Hall of Fame is fun way for you to see how die-hard an On the Clock fan you are!

Ever wonder how you stack up against other armchair GMs and diehard NFL Draftniks? Now you can see where you rank in each of these categories:

  • Most Drafts Completed
  • Longest Current Streak
  • Most Teams Mocked

Want to know more about how the Hall of Fame is determined? Read about our On the Clock Stats and Badges.

The On The Clock Hall of Fame shows only results from On the Clock Premium users.

Most Drafts Completed

RankDraftnikTotal Drafts
1.ganggreenjean462 drafts
2.lutztj297 drafts
3.ajones52296 drafts
4.jrigdon73234 drafts
5.andycox2010219 drafts
6.lonzo559213 drafts
7.zddizzlz203 drafts
8.matthew77187 drafts
9.tommykittens183 drafts
10.logan90178 drafts
11.aplott21172 drafts
12.danpep160 drafts
13.manimal147 drafts
14.jcogs45147 drafts
15.clawter144 drafts
16.titansallday101142 drafts
17.pcspapa141 drafts
18.bosstke130140 drafts
19.badintent54139 drafts
20.st8of10ec135 drafts

Longest Current Streak

RankDraftnikCurrent Streak
1.matthew7731 straight days
2.julius3475920 straight days
3.manimal17 straight days
4.lavishd16 straight days
5.stephenthomas16 straight days
6.jsearway14 straight days
7.lutztj13 straight days
8.mwwelch10 straight days
9.alexito9 straight days
10.jrigdon737 straight days
11.heartfan6 straight days
12.bpbower416 straight days
13.rickscott6 straight days
14.srikar126 straight days
15.logan905 straight days
16.harbaughing talent5 straight days
17.pgreenberg4 straight days
18.dscot2634 straight days
19.photoassign4 straight days
20.redskindave444 straight days

Most Teams Mocked

RankDraftnikNumber of Teams
1.lonzo55932 teams
2.theroc515632 teams
3.tommykittens32 teams
4.markthecane32 teams
5.ajones5231 teams
6.andycox201027 teams
7.boldcrow26 teams
8.tonkabd22 teams
9.draftplex21 teams
10.alexito21 teams
11.holygrail197719 teams
12.barchibald19 teams
13.jfallon89918 teams
14.hopzip17 teams
15.mattc773817 teams
16.bigred197517 teams
17.bprice316 teams
18.danpep16 teams
19.superq14 teams
20.avh199314 teams

All NFL Teams

RankDraftnikNumber of Drafts

All AFC Teams

RankDraftnikNumber of Teams

All NFC Teams

RankDraftnikNumber of Teams


On the Clock Notes

  • Data updates will be made a couple times a month in the summer. Draft order is now based off of NFL predicted draft order in-season.
  • Multiple big boards will be added this fall & winter.
  • User Voted Team Needs will be updated a couple times a month in the summer as well.
  • If you want to save your mock drafts for annual experiment or just to have record of simulations, be sure to screenshot and save it. After the Draft in which you are running mock drafts for is over, those URLs will not be saved.