On the Clock Mock Draft Simulator 2021
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We're excited to introduce On the Clock Stats and Badges along with our On the Clock Hall of Fame. On the Clock Stats and Badges are a fun way for you to see the data on your On the Clock mock drafting!

With On the Clock Stats and Badges, you can see how well you're drafting, including:

  • Total number of drafts completed
  • Current draft streak - how many days in a row you've drafted
  • Teams mocked for

Any 7-round draft using On the Clock Premium is counted toward your stats and badges.

Click here to see your On the Clock Draft Stats and Badges

On the Clock Stats and Badges are only for On the Clock Premium users.

Badges Available

Draft Streaks (At Least One Draft Per Day, Consecutive Days)

1 Week Straight1 Month Straight3 Months Straight

Total Drafts

100 or More Drafts 250 or More Drafts500 or More Drafts250 or More Drafts

Team Mocks


On the Clock Notes

  • Data updates will be made every Tuesday.
  • Multiple big boards will continue to be added through January all the way up to the NFL Draft in April. Stay tuned for many additions and updates!
  • User Voted Team Needs will be updated a couple times a month.
  • If you want to save your mock drafts for annual experiment or just to have record of simulations, be sure to screenshot and save it. After the Draft in which you are running mock drafts for is over, those URLs will not be saved.