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If Ohio State Edge Chase Young doesn’t go No. 2 overall, where does he land?

Chase Young, the star pass rusher out of Ohio State, is going to be drafted by Washington with the No. 2 overall pick.

Unless he’s not.

Although Washington drafted a quarterback in the first round last year, they could still decide to take another, higher-ranked QB in this draft, especially with a new coaching staff in place. Or the Redskins could opt to trade that pick to a QB-needy team, like Miami, which owns three first-rounders, including the No. 5 overall pick.

So that would push Young down to pick No. 3 overall, owned by Detroit. Surely, Detroit would want to take Young, right? They could also choose to trade down to another QB-starved team, like the LA Chargers.

Las Vegas is well aware of the uncertainty behind Young, who is largely considered the best or second-best prospect in the 2020 NFL draft.

Washington (-223) is still considered the odds-on favorite to land Young, according to USA Today’s Sportsbookwire.

After that, the next-most likely destinations for Young include, in order: Detroit (+250), NY Giants (+600), Cincinnati (+1400), LA Chargers (+1600), Miami (+2200), Carolina (+2600), Arizona (+3400) and Jacksonville (+3400).

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