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Will Georgia QB Jake Fromm skip the 2020 NFL draft?

The question isn’t what round Georgia quarterback Jake Fromm will be taken. The question is, what year will Fromm be drafted?

There’s a growing sense among NFL draft analysts that Fromm will return for his senior season.

That would come as a bit of a shock and would shake up draft rankings, as Fromm has largely been thought to be a shoo-in for the 2020 draft since entering the starting lineup the first game of his freshman season.

Fromm (6-foot-2, 220 pounds) has passed for 7,495 yards and 71 touchdowns and 16 interceptions for his career while completing 64 percent of his passes.

But, despite leading Georgia to a No. 4 ranking and a 10-1 overall record, Fromm has been under scrutiny this season. He’s passed for 2,131 yards, 17 TDs and 3 INTs thus far.

Fromm is touted for his football IQ, accuracy, poise, leadership and experience. His intangibles and overall makeup, scouts say, are undeniable. But those traits could be overshadowed by the other quarterbacks in the 2020 draft, an NFL college scout told Yahoo Sports.

“… There’s not as much to get physically excited about (with Fromm), and this class is more about the toolsy players, the one who can sling it farther and move around better than (Fromm) does,” the scout said, as reported by NFL draft analyst Eric Edholm of Yahoo Sports. “Sometimes those players who have the immeasurable stuff and lack the great traits, they get pushed to the side.”

The scout also pointed out that injured Alabama QB Tua Tagovailoa also doesn’t ideal measureables, and, like Fromm, isn’t much of a threat to run the ball.

“The funny thing is that Tua isn’t all that gifted physically, and Jake doesn’t have nearly the physical concerns that (Tagovailoa) does, but it seems like (Tua) can still make it into Round 1 if he answers those health questions with some good reports on that. Jake? I don’t know if he is guaranteed to make it in,” the scout said in Edholm’s report.

While nothing is “concrete,” the scout said, there’s been talk of Fromm returning for his senior year.

Fromm is the No. 42 player in the latest Fanspeak big board.

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