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32 On the Clock Mock Draft: Los Angeles Chargers

April 24, 2021:

It is NFL Draft crunch time! Which means we are going to do a mock draft for all 32 teams using On the Clock of course! We will be using On the Clock Premium or Ultimate GM in these simulations, which you can upgrade to an annual subscription here!

These simulations will help give fans an idea of how the draft can play out for their team and give different scenarios to debate. So, enjoy and happy NFL Draft week!

Remember we will have On the Clock LIVE for Rounds 1-3 on Thursday & Friday nights of the 2021 NFL Draft! So you can still draft LIVE based off real-time results!


Las Angeles Chargers:

On the Clock Premium Simulation Summary


The Chargers would probably rather hope that Sewell, Slater or Pitts slide, but landing Horn is one great “consolation” prize. LA needs to invest in their corners, and Horn has number 1 corner potential. Given some of the receivers in this division, this becomes even a higher priority. The Chargers can land a starting quality tackle in rd 2 with Eichenberg. They follow up in the 3rd round with another offensive lineman in Creed Humphrey. The Chargers did add Linsley, but Humphrey can play guard as well. Next I added Hunter Long to be the future starting TE as Jared Cook is nothing more than a stopgap. After that adding depth to EDGE and WR were keys as both positions have good starters, but lack enough depth.



13: R1 P13 CB Jaycee Horn – South Carolina
47: R2 P15 OT Liam Eichenberg – Notre Dame
77: R3 P13 C Creed Humphrey – Oklahoma
97: R3 P33 TE Hunter Long – Boston College
118: R4 P13 EDGE Patrick Jones II – Pitt
159: R5 P15 WR Tamorrion Terry – Florida State
185: R6 P1 WR Trevon Grimes – Florida
198: R6 P14 OT Alaric Jackson – Iowa
241: R7 P13 LB Paddy Fisher – Northwestern

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