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2020 On the Clock Draft User Data: Position Drafted Most in Round 1

We already looked at players that fall most to Round 2 in On the Clock User Mock Drafts. We thought it would be interesting to see which Positions are being drafted most in Round 1 of On the Clock User mock drafts.

This OTC User data was collected from On the Clock mock draft simulator from March 1 through now.

As you can see, far and away the position in most demand at the top of this year’s draft is the offensive tackle position. That is not uncommon at all, but this year is especially talented at the position. Not far behind OT, is Cornerback, Wide Receiver and Edge positions. Which position do you draft most in Round 1 for your team?



% of picks

OT 22.25%
CB 18.83%
WR 16.95%
EDGE 11.06%
QB 9.69%
LB 9.65%
DL 5.69%
S 4.09%
RB 0.98%
C 0.66%
G 0.09%
TE 0.06%

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