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Rise and Fall of top 2020 NFL Draft QB prospects

With the college season over, the NFL draft picture is becoming clearer for the top QB prospects. We’ve seen the meteoric rise of Joe Burrow this season, and a slight decline from Tua Tagovailoa and Justin Herbert. Below is how they have been drafted by users using On the Clock Mock Draft Simulator since the start of September. There are other QB prospects who could enter the first round mix, but these three appear to be the safest to be selected in the first round. If you are hoping your team will snag one of these prospects, these are the current ranges where you should consider selecting them.

The biggest surprise on here is Joe Burrow, who went from a below average 2018 campaign and a likely late Day 3 selection. Now Burrow is on top of the world with winning the Heisman, and the presumptive 1st overall pick. If Burrow has a big College Football Playoff run, he should lock up that top selection with ease.

Tagovailoa’s draft stock will be tied considerably to what his medical reports show at the combine. When he was on the field this year he was highly impressive. The big concern is his health, as a serious hip injury knocked him out of the final month of the season. Herbert passed up the chance to be a likely first round pick a year ago, and it’s debatable whether the move paid off. He’s still likely to go in the first round, and could even crack the top 10, but his stock has fallen.

Comment below with your take on the data. Are the negative trends of Tagovailoa and Herbert a concern or will they move back up? Is Joe Burrow worthy of the top pick in the draft for the Bengals? Should any other 2020 NFL Draft QB prospects go above these three?

Joe Burrow, Justin Herbert, Tua Tagovailoa Mock draft rise and fall

A look at how the top QBs have risen and fallen since the college season started.

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