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INFOGRAPHIC: Alabama vs. Clemson – Who has the best NFL Draft Prospects?

Each month we are going to use On the Clock USER data to create an interesting Infographic. Our On the Clock user data is very valuable, interesting and unique only to us, so we want to do some fun things for you all with it!

Besides monthly Infographics, look for additions and improvements to the Player Profile pages and to our Draft Data page each month. A lot of exciting additions coming to all these Fanspeak features month after month!


For this Infographic, we decided to compare the two power house schools – Alabama vs. Clemson. And we wanted to see who has the best NFL Draft Prospects, per our On the Clock User data!

As you can see below, we show the Average Draft Position (ADP) and top 5 teams most interested (or drafting) that player.

Enjoy and please share with other fans! And don’t forget to be the GM and simulate the 2020 NFL Draft with On the Clock!


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