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2017 Senior Bowl Day 3- South Team

Steve Shoup


Josh Dobbs- Dobbs definitely wasn’t as effective as he was in the 2nd practice, but he still probably showed more positive than negative today. Early on though it was rough going as he threw a bad pick and underthrew or missed multiple targets. As practice wore on he got better making a couple really nice throws which he was praised on. He doesn’t always have the best zip to his passes, but he did throw with accuracy and touch throughout most of practice.

David Webb- Webb had probably his best day of practice as he used his cannon for an arm to make some beautiful throws, including the final throw in practice fitting the ball into a tight window for Fred Ross in a red zone drill. Webb clearly has the best arm of the bunch, and when he’s on he looks great as he dropped in some big time deep throws and zipped in some intermediate throws that would have been defended with less velocity. His accuracy remains a question mark as early in practice when throwing to receivers vs no defense he over threw a couple by a few feet. These should have been easy throws, but Webb just sailed them.

Wide Receiver:

Ryan Switzer- Switzer remains to be nearly uncoverable as his route-running and change of direction are 2nd to none down here this week. One thing that continues to stand out are his hands, and it should be noted that despite being the smallest receiver on the South team, he’s tied for the 2nd biggest hands. He caught just about everything near him today, and does a nice job turning on the speed after the catch.

Taywan Taylor- Taylor had another really good practice catching the ball and route running, but what really impressed me was his blocking. In team drills he showed him self to be a willing blocker and blocked to the whistle even on some reps that went away from him. Taylor had a great week overall, but having that extra edge as a willing blocker is something a number of teams will take notice on.

Josh Reynolds- Reynolds has his inconsistencies catching the football, but he brings a lot to the table. His catch radius is simply ridiculous as is his body control, both of which he highlighted with a TD catch near the end of practice. Reynolds isn’t an elite route runner or burner, but he’s still  good in both areas. The only real knock are his hands which are inconsistent. While drops can be a factor, I think you take the playmaker and live with a couple extra drops.

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Tight End:

O.J. Howard- Howard looks to be the top prospect down here and it might not even be close. He had another standout day at practice and I just love how he competes. After one bad rep in pass blocking drills you could see his frustration and he rebounded with three straight good reps. He checks all the boxes and he could very well go in the top 15 and maybe the top 10.

Offensive line:

Antonio Garcia- Garcia continues to be a hit or miss player for me. If you like him, you will love his length and technique and believe you can get him stronger and it will all come together. If you don’t like him you will see that he’s underweight and he doesn’t play with the functional strength you want to see. You will also be worried that he still loses on the edge more than you’d like. Overall I think he had a solid day and an above average week, but the inconsistent play is troubling. He has LT potential, but he’s going to need time for sure.

Will Holden-  Holden was a late add from Vanderbilt and this was his first practice. He stood out on a number of plays and given the limited exposure he’ll get it was a good day from him.

Ethan Pocic- Was the best south team OL today and had maybe his best all-around practice. He was really good in all the drills and shows why he’s one of the top centers in this class.

Daniel Isidora- Isidora looked pretty average the first two days of practice, winning some battles but also having some ugly losses as well. Today though was a different story, he seemed to win more battles and when he did give up a pressure or miss a block it wasn’t nearly as bad. He shows good power as a run blocker today and stood out in team drills.

Defensive Line:

Montravious Adams- Adams is a pure power player with some decent quickness off the line. Few offensive linemen could handle his bull rush and he was a force throughout practice. The one concern with Adams is he needs to use his hands better to disengage from blockers. If he can develop that as a part of his game he could be really dangerous.

Eddie Vanderdoes- Vanderdoes had a great day of practice and might have been his best day all week. He was a wrecking ball inside on a number of team drills and had some really nice reps in 1-on-1s. He’s not the most consistent player, but when he’s on, he’s a force.

Jordan Willis- Willis didn’t have as strong of a practice today as he had the first couple of days. There was still some positive as he has good burst off the line, but he wasn’t winning as frequently as he did the first two days. Overall he did well against the run which was good to see.

Defensive Back:

Damontre Kazee- Kazee did a nice job staying with receivers today and is probably the best corner at recovering on double moves. He’s got great feet, and mirrors receivers really well. I thought he was the most fluid corner today in the positional drills and didn’t see any real change of direction issues.

Jordan Sterns- Sterns had a really good day at practice, showing good coverage and run support in team drills. He was also a leader on the field getting guys in the proper positioning.

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