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NFL Combine Day 2- QB, WR, TE Notes


Carson Wentz-

Wentz probably has the highest upside of any of the top QBs and he continued to help himself with a good day both in workout and positional drills. He might not be as “NFL ready” as Goff, but the greater upside could lead him to be taken ahead of the Cal QB. Now a lot for these QBs will come in the meeting room, but Wentz did a nice job throwing the ball today and that definitely helped him since teams are going to have more questions with him.

Jared Goff- 

Goff didn’t have a great day, but I felt he threw the ball pretty well, even with 5 step drops which is something he’s not as familiar with. There are some holes in his game, but no QB in this class feels like a sure thing. Goff doesn’t have the biggest arm, but he’s not enough arm strength to make every throw and it was a positive for him today.

Paxton Lynch-

Lynch like Wentz is another QB who teams are going to question a little bit more given that he didn’t face as much top tier CFB talent, but he too helped himself with his workout today. He’s a big kid with great size and a good arm. This athelticism has maybe been a bit over exaggerated, but it is still a solid area for him.

Wide Receivers:

Will Fuller-

With so many receivers running slower than expected or at least from previous years, Fuller paced the group with a 4.33 40 time. Fuller did well in the other workout drills, but what really helped him was the positional drills. One knock on Fuller is his hands, and he did a pretty nice job catching the football.

Josh Doctson-

Doctson is one of the top receivers in the class and he had a really good day checking all the boxes on him. He ran well, caught the ball exceptionally well and did everything that was asked of him. With the WR class very fluid this year, a strong combine like this could separate him from the pack for some teams.

Michael Thomas-

Thomas ran well for his size and looked good throughout the day with his receiving and route running. He’s another top 2 round prospect who can use a strong combine to jump up some on team’s boards.

Charone Peake-

Peake has an injury history that will give some team’s pause, but he didn’t look like a player who had any questions on him throughout the drills today. Peake ran a sub 4.5, which is very impressive given his size and the fact that so many other receivers were mid 4.5 or worse. With some other receivers struggling, Peake could be working his way into a top 100 pick.

Sterling Shepard-

Shepard really had a nice day. His workout numbers were strong, but he really shined in the positional drills highlighting his hands and route running. He definitely helped himself today and should move up the WR board with this performance.

Tight Ends:

Nick Vannett-

Vannett had a down day in terms of workout numbers as he skipped the 40 and was pretty average in the other workout drills. He redeemed himself with a really strong set of positional drills and looked arguably the best of the group in those drills.

Jerrell Adams-

Adams had the top 40 for the tight end group (though not all of them ran), and was strong throughout the rest of the drills as well. With few quality TEs Adams stood out in the group and definitely helped himself today.

Austin Hooper- 

Hooper had a strong day with the workouts and looked good throughout the drills. He’s one of the better TE’s in the class and the only top TE who did every drill, which probably helped him with some teams.


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